Apple WWDC 2023 Held: Here are the Introduced Products

Apple WWDC 2023 Held: Here are the Introduced Products

Apple’s traditional event, WWDC, was held on June 5 at Apple Park. We have compiled the highlights of the event for you.

One of the most anticipated events of this year, WWDC 2023 event was held. We have compiled the highlights of the event, where new hardware, including Mac Studio and Mac Pro, was introduced.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset: Vision Pro

Announced at the end of WWDC 2023, the Apple mixed reality headset was the biggest discovery of the event. In the promotion made after the now classic “One morething”, we had the chance to get the first information about the mixed reality headset that Apple is working on for the first time.

Introduced as Vision Pro, the mixed reality headset can successfully combine the real world and the virtual world. Vision Pro, which can be controlled with hand gestures, has all the features of a virtual reality headset. Vision Pro will go on sale in 2024.

Vision Pro aims to provide the true AR experience through light enhancements and interface designs. In the operating system, where more than one screen can be placed at the same time, you will be able to place it wherever you want in your room. On the other hand, screens will not be just two-dimensional. Three-dimensional interfaces and instant object transfer will also be possible.

Apart from the augmented reality features, the Apple mixed reality headset can also be used in completely virtual environments. The eye tracking system will allow Vision Pro to be used with just small gestures and glances. The device will also have voice input and Siri support.

The most striking feature of Vision Pro is that the eyes can be seen from the outside thanks to its transparent screen. In this way, when viewing large applications, when someone comes near you, the application will automatically become transparent and it will be much easier to see the real world.

Watching movies on Vision Pro will take a different level. While the screen can be expanded as much as you want, thanks to virtual reality, you will be able to change your surroundings while sitting on your sofa and, for example, you will be able to project the huge screen into the sky on a mountain. . In addition, three-dimensional movies can be played in Vision Pro. The product will also support games and controllers.

Apple WWDC 2023

Disney100 was the surprise add-on to Vision Pro. Accordingly, thanks to Vision Pro, the doors of the huge Disney universe will open into your living room. For example, while watching a movie about space on Disney+, you will see an environment as if you are in the movie. In addition, Disney’s important characters such as Mickey Mouse can be watched as virtual worlds.

Applying a very advanced and new technology when using FaceTime, Apple will scan users’ images virtually. The scanned face can be used in FaceTime images to be made with Vision Pro. Vision Pro’s security will be handled by an eye reader called Optic ID. According to Apple’s claim, even genetic twins will not be able to transfer each other’s Optical ID.

On the design side, the strap can be easily removed and replaced, just like Apple Watches. The device, which will be presented with an external battery, will allow use for long periods of time. Vision Pro, which will benefit from the power of M2 as hardware, will use the newly developed R1 Apple Silicon chip for real-time environmental calculations. On the software side, the device will have a new operating system called visionOS.

The features of Apple Vision Pro are as follows:

  • 23 million pixel microOLED panel
  • Fully customized speaker system
  • Processor: M2 and R1
  • Operating System: visionOS
  • Release Date: 2024
  • Price: 3499 dollars

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