Apple Watch “Lifeguard” Feature Is Coming!

Apple has patented a "digital pool attendant" (lifeguard) for Apple Watch that will warn of the risk of drowning in swimming pools.

Apple is working on a new Apple Watch feature that will warn of the risk of drowning in swimming pools. The feature is described in a patent as a so-called ‘digital pool attendant’ (lifeguard). It will warn users if they go to the deeper part of the pool and notify the lifeguard. Here are the details…

Apple Watch files patent for “digital pool attendant” (lifeguard) feature

Using the Apple Watch’s different sensors, the feature can detect abnormal swimming behaviors by monitoring the swimmer’s movements and heart rate. This can signal that a person may be at risk of drowning.

The alert can be transmitted to the user’s Apple Watch or to the pool’s drowning detection system to alert lifeguards. Apple Watch can also alert non-swimmers when they enter the deep end of a pool.

This feature can use Apple Watch’s sensors, such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, and heart rate monitor, to determine swimming motions and the expected heart rate during normal swimming. Furthermore, abnormalities in sensor data could indicate that a person may be in danger.

The lifeguard feature is currently only at a patent stage, with no clear information on the timing and mechanics of how it would work. If Apple develops this feature quickly, it may introduce it at WWDC in June this year.

However, if the feature needs more development time, Apple could announce the “pool attendant lifeguard” feature at the next Apple Watch and iPhone launch, usually at an event in September. The digital pool attendant (lifeguard) feature continues to expand the Apple Watch’s lifesaving capabilities and aims to offer effective protection against the risk of drowning.

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