Apple Continues To Sue Companies With Apple In Their Logo!

Apple Continues To Sue Companies With Apple In Their Logo!

Apple continues its move, which we have seen many examples before, by demanding copyright from companies with an apple in their logo. Details are here!

Apple is raising concerns as it tries to acquire the intellectual property rights to images of real apples used by Fruit Union Suisse, a Swiss fruit company.

Apple previously bought the intellectual property rights to the fruit in several countries, including Japan, Turkey, Israel, and Armenia. Now, Fruit Union Suisse has caught Apple’s attention with its use of an apple logo with the Swiss flag on it.

With Apple In Their Logo

Apple Has Copyrighted Granny Smith Diamonds in the Past

Apple first filed for intellectual property rights in Switzerland in 2017 and acquired some rights to the black and white image of the Granny Smith apple.

Apple has a history of aggressively defending intellectual property by targeting smaller organizations like an app with a pear logo and an entertainer named Frankie Pineapple. The company’s move to purchase black and white apple intellectual property could allow them to claim infringement on apple logos of any color.

While Swiss law generally protects companies like Fruit Union Suisse, smaller firms may have trouble complying with Apple’s demands due to the company’s size and value.

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