Apple CEO Tim Cook Warns About Artificial Intelligence!

Apple CEO Tim Cook made important statements about artificial intelligence. Talking about the potential of artificial intelligence, Cook also called for caution.

Almost all the technology companies we can think of are involved in the artificial intelligence business in some way. However, Apple has yet to show anything on artificial intelligence, at least not concretely. On the other hand, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the potential of the artificial intelligence wave that is taking technology by storm is “huge”.

“The Potential Is Great, But Be Careful”

“It’s very important to be conscious and thoughtful about how you approach these things,” Tim Cook said in a statement. It seems that Cook takes AI technology in a relatively restrained way. On the other hand, rivals Microsoft and Google are rapidly developing productive artificial intelligence. Chatbots like Microsoft’s Bing (which uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology as part of their partnership) and Google’s Bard are making strong progress in this area.

Cook also said that Apple is already incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence into some of its products, conceding that its potential is “huge”. When talking about the company’s current use of artificial intelligence, the CEO referred to features such as “fall detection” found in some Apple Watch models and “collision detection” found in some Apple devices. “These are not only great features, but they are saving people’s lives. We see AI very big, and we will continue to weave AI in our products very carefully,” Cook said. said.

On the other hand, the subject of Apple and artificial intelligence is a little in the air. Last month, artificial intelligence was mentioned 168 times in meetings held by Meta, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon. Cook, on the other hand, mentioned artificial intelligence only once in the presentation of Apple’s second fiscal quarter report.

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