Antutu Announces The Best Apple Devices: The List Surprised!

What are the best Apple devices? A report shared by AnTuTu has answered a question that many people are very curious about.

With the report shared by AnTuTu, the best Apple devices of March 2024 were announced. The shared report included smartphones and iPad models with very powerful hardware. All the curious details about the report are in our news.

List of the Best Apple Devices for March 2024

  1. iPad Pro 6 (12.9 inç) – 2,154,189 points
  2. iPad Pro 4 (11 inç) – 1,956,845 points
  3. iPad Pro 3 (11 inç) – 1,761,396 points
  4. iPad Pro 5 (12.9 inç) – 1,721,937 points
  5. iPad Air 5 – 1,695,502 points
  6. iPhone 15 Pro – 1,520,261 points
  7. iPhone 15 Pro Max – 1,501,317 points
  8. iPhone 14 Pro – 1,425,658 points
  9. iPhone 14 Pro Max – 1,421,260 points
  10. iPhone 15 Plus – 1,374,323 points

AnTuTu, known worldwide for its benchmark tests, shared a report. With the shared report, the fastest Apple devices of March were announced. iPad Pro 6 (12.9-inch) managed to take the first place in the list with 2,154,189 points. The device, which has achieved a great success, includes the Apple M2 processor.

In second place was the iPad Pro 4 (11-inch), which scored 1,956,845 points. This model also has the Apple M2 processor. In third place was the iPad Pro 3 (11-inch). Powered by the Apple M1 processor, the tablet managed to score 1,761,396 points in the test conducted by AnTuTu.

The iPad Pro 5 (12.9-inch) with the Apple M1 processor scored 1,721,937 points and ranked fourth. The iPad Air 5, which managed to score 1,695,502 points, ranked fifth. This tablet has the Apple M1 processor. iPad Air 5 was followed by iPhone 15 Pro with 1,520,261 points.

iPhone 15 Pro Max ranked seventh, while iPhone 14 Pro ranked eighth. The last two places on the list are iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Plus.

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