Anavarza Ancient City 5 Times Bigger Than Ephesus

Yucel Dilci, the son of Hatun Dilci, the first female guard of Turkey protecting the Anavarza Ancient City, said that the Arc de Triomphe in the region is Turkey’s most magnificent historical monument from the Roman period. With the completion of the excavation, it is 5 times the size of the Ancient City of Ephesus. He noted that 7,000 years of history will come to light and the eyes of the world will be there.

Located among the largest monumental city gates with a width of 22.5 meters and a height of 10.5 meters, the Arch of Triumph aims to take its visitors on a journey into history with the restoration of its former glory.

Anavarza Ancient City

Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List

Stating that the structure in the Ancient City of Anavarza, which is on the UNESCO World Temporary List, left beautiful traces, Dilci stated that the first double road work in history came to these days from the Roman period.

Noting that the city, which has hosted international history researchers for years, is 5 times the size of the Ancient City of Ephesus, Yucel Dilci said, “The Arc of Triumph was built by the Romans and is the most magnificent structure.” a devastating war and the Persian Empire came to an end. It was the gate of honor where emperors were welcomed. With the restoration carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, this gate was revived and the number of visitors increased. It has been destroyed,” he said.

Anavarza Ancient City

Noting that they lived in history for years, Yucel Dilci said, “It has a history of thousands of years. When my parents were caregivers, it was hard work. They chase treasure hunters at night and fight criminals during the day. A lot has happened here. I feel like I was living here in Roman times. If someone hurts here, I feel like they’re hurting me.

100,000 Romans lived here. A systematic fortress and city. Not in any city. The first and greatest double road in history is here. Some were unearthed in excavations 34 meters wide and 2,400 meters long. Some are still underground. If the excavations are completed, a city 5 times the size of the Ancient City of Ephesus will come to light again,” he said.

Anavarza Ancient City

Among the important ruins found in Anavarza are the 1500 meters long fortification wall with 20 bastions, a columned road, a bath and a church, a theatre, amphitheater, stadium, waterways, rock tombs, AD. There is the 3rd century sea goddess Thetys mosaic, the three-entrance triumphal arch, the only example in the Cilicia Region, and a medieval castle on a hill rising like an island in the middle of the plain.

Anavarza Ancient City

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