Adding Multiplayer Games to BMW Cars: How to Play?

Adding Multiplayer Games to BMW Cars: How to Play?

BMW adds multiplayer games to its cars, allowing passengers to have a unique time. Details are here!

German automaker BMW is on a quest to make car journeys more exciting than ever before. The brand has recently filed for a new patent that, when fully implemented, will allow BMW owners to transform their cars into a veritable gaming room like Tesla.

This initiative, run in collaboration with AirConsole, promises to revolutionize the in-car entertainment experience.

BMW’s New Gaming System Is About To Change The Way You Travel

The promise of BMW’s new patent is simple yet daring. The company offers the potential for both single and multiplayer in-vehicle gameplay. Following the global “smart car” trend adopted by almost all automotive brands, BMW is taking steps to integrate groundbreaking features into its models.

The first of these innovations came in the form of the “cinema room” feature first introduced in the electric BMW i7 series. BMW is now preparing to transform the interiors of cars into full-fledged gaming centers.

Multiplayer Games to BMW

BMW’s patent application last week seems to point to the introduction of a mini in-car game console. Aiming to keep the driver’s attention on the road, the console is designed for passengers sitting in the rear seats of the car. The console will allow up to three passengers from a single passenger to play together.

Thanks to the cooperation with AirConsole, each passenger will be able to use their own iDrive screen as a monitor. With imagination, passengers’ phones will act as game controllers for the virtual console. Using a cloud-based system, the platform will offer up to 200 different games, most of them quick mini-games similar to those in the Jackbox series.

When Is BMW’s New Gaming System Coming?

As of now, this feature is still in the patent stage. The feature is expected to hit the market at the end of 2023 and we’ll see it on BMW cars soon.

The first model to be offered this new option will be BMW’s electric vehicle i7. This ambitious move from BMW demonstrates the evolving nature of the automotive industry by focusing not only on driving mechanics but also on improving the overall passenger experience.

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