A Supercomputer Predicts When Humanity Will End!

A Supercomputer Predicts When Humanity Will End!

A supercomputer has predicted the end of humanity. The simulation created revealed the terrible truth. Here are the details!

Scientists continue to work to solve one of the world’s biggest problems: global warming and climate change. Ideas are being developed to solve these problems, even if they have not yet been put into practice.

The fact that these problems are still ongoing continues to increase the threats of the world running out of water, increasing solar heat and melting glaciers every day. Given all this, an advanced supercomputer has predicted the end of humanity.

250 Million Years From Now Humanity Could End

According to the simulation created, the end of humanity could occur in 250 million years due to the ongoing climate and global warming problem on Earth.

The computer, which predicts that the atmosphere will be filled with CO2, points out that with the temperature of the Sun reaching high levels, many living things, especially humanity, will not be able to continue their lives.


The impossibility of growing food due to climate conditions will also pave the way for the end of humanity. Lack of access to water and food resources will open the door to this terrible possibility.

According to the simulation, temperatures will remain between 40-50 degrees Celsius, but high humidity levels will make the Earth uninhabitable. Although this study points millions of years into the future, it allows us to foresee terrible realities already.

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