A New Security Guard Robot has been Produced!

A New Security Guard Robot has been Produced!

Ascento’s new security guard robots have started to work actively in many companies. Here are the details!

Ascento, a Zurich-based startup, has begun bringing robots to life for the security guard profession by deploying autonomous security patrol robots known as “Ascento Guard”.

Featuring a unique wheel-leg design, these robots are currently operating in large industrial facilities, performing repetitive tasks such as perimeter checks and alerting human security guards when needed.

Ascento recently raised $4.3 million in financing for this project, led by Wingman Ventures and Playfair Capital, with participation from key investors.

What Tasks Can Ascento Guard Perform?

Founded in 2018 as a project at ETH Zurich, Ascento currently employs 10 people and is actively recruiting for the sales and operations team to expand the Ascento Guards fleet.

Security Guard Robot

A New Security Guard Robot has been Produced!

The robots produced move at walking speed and can perform basic tasks such as perimeter verification, fence inspections, thermal anomaly scanning, light monitoring, parking lot surveillance and flood or fire detection.

Ascento’s wheel-legged robots are designed to work on a variety of terrains and navigate stairs. The company offers its robots and software to large facilities on an hourly basis and partners with security companies to supplement the shortage of human security personnel. The robots will work alongside humans without physical contact.

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