A New Feature Has Come to Play Store: It Provides Great Convenience!

A New Feature Has Come to Play Store: It Provides Great Convenience!

Google Play Store will make the life of users significantly easier thanks to its new feature. Here is the feature that will make the app store more useful!

A new feature has been added to the app store Google Play Store. The new feature, added by the software giant Google and providing great convenience to users, will take the user experience to the next level. Details on the matter are here.

What Does Play Store’s New Feature Offer?

New features continue to be added to the Google Play Store. The new feature, which is very useful for people using multiple devices, offers the possibility of application synchronization between devices.

You can easily install applications installed on one of your devices on devices using the same Google account. You will see the list of devices, including phones, on the Play Store page of the applications installed on your device.

Play Store

From the list in question, on which device you want to install the application, just press the “Install” button opposite to it. Also, in the “Manage apps and devices” category, which you can access by tapping the profile icon, you’ll see a list of all the Android devices you’re logged into with your Google account.

By choosing from the list, you can have the applications on the phone automatically installed on the other device. Thus, you will not need to install separate applications for each phone or tablet.

It should be noted that the feature in question is only valid for newly installed applications. Also, the sync functionality does not include app updates. For this reason, you have to do the update process for the applications on your other devices one by one.

The new feature may not yet appear in the Google Play Store app installed on your device. It will be available to all users soon.

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