5.4 Million Twitter Accounts Stolen, More To Come

A hacker blow came to Twitter, which lost 75 percent of its workforce, including critical software teams. Phone numbers of 5.4 million users are sold on the black market.

While the storm of Elon Musk’s purchase on the Twitter platform has not yet subsided, now there has been news that personal data has been stolen. The data of millions of users, both active and disabled, is sold on the black market.

5.4 Million Accounts Stolen

Although Twitter claims to the contrary, it is claimed that data was stolen through a flaw in the API codes. Phone numbers and email addresses of 5.4 million users have been obtained. It is stated that this data is sold on black market forums.

In addition, it is stated that approximately 1.2 million accounts suspended on Twitter were stolen. This package, on the other hand, was put up for sale within a certain group, so it was not a public sale.

Thus, the data of nearly 7 million users in total has been leaked. Sources state that the said deficit has been abused for a longer period of time and that a figure of around 17 million may have been leaked. Presumably, the rest of the leaks will be for sale on the packaged forums. Experts warn that attackers will try to deceive users by phishing.

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