10th Anniversary of MSN’s Departure!

The legend of an era was closed 10 years ago today. Yes, that name is MSN Messenger. Here are the details of the news that will take you back to the past…

On April 8, 2013, MSN Messenger completed its 14-year journey. This sweet chat application, which emerged in the periods when technology was crawling and spreading, made everyone addicted to itself, especially between 2000-2008. The emergence of Facebook on February 4, 2004 and its popularity since 2007 brought the end of the road for MSN Messenger. To get you back to the past, we’ve prepared a list of MSN for you on the 10th anniversary of MSN Messenger’s departure. Here are the details…

10 things those who grew up with MSN Messenger will understand!

1- Getting usernames with different and funny names

At that time, everyone was looking for a place for themselves on the internet. Since having a username was just beginning to become widespread, people wanted to get the most attention, the most different. Differently spelled usernames like k@@n were popular.

2- To attract the attention of the person you like constantly online-offline

Those who had their first love in MSN time know this item well. MSN sent notifications to people on your list every time you were online. You were constantly trying to get the attention of the person you like online-offline.

3- Emojis and stickers that entered our lives with MSN

If you think that emojis first entered our lives with smartphones, you are wrong. We first used emojis with MSN icons. In addition, with the stickers in MSN, we could send animated stickers such as a child throwing a big water balloon to other users’ computers.

4- Sharing games, music files with file transfer via MSN

Perhaps the biggest cloud application of that period was again MSN. Especially at that time, you could share and play low-dimensional games like Minecraft with your friend via MSN. You could also share your playlists.

5- My cousin wrote it!

It was a lie that everyone who used it frequently used for a while. Especially when you write down your feelings to the people you like and use it when you regret it later. You have to put the blame on someone. He was also our dear cousins.

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