YouTuber Olympe ‘s Euthanasia Decision Sparks Controversy: I have over 40 personalities

YouTuber Olympe ‘s Euthanasia Decision Sparks Controversy: I have over 40 personalities

A YouTuber with multiple personality disorder has announced that he wants to end his life in an euthanasia clinic in Belgium. Olympe, a 23-year-old French woman, told her 255,000 followers she was “in contact with doctors” in Belgium, where assisted suicide is legal. However, Olympe’s decision caused controversy among his followers and psychiatrists.

The 23-year-old French YouTuber named Olympe said he had contacted Belgian doctors to have him euthanized by the end of the year.

Olympe noted that she has dissociative identity disorder, which is caused by trauma and often causes great distress in those affected by the trauma. However, Belgian doctor Yves de Locht, whom Olympe spoke to, said clinics are not ‘euthanasia dispensers’ and the process can take months or years before someone can access assisted suicide services.

The YouTuber’s decision comes after the controversial death of another 23-year-old man with mental health issues who chose to end his life in Belgium last year.

A teenager named Shanti De Corte chose to end her life in Belgium, citing ‘unbearable’ mental distress. Corte was traumatized by witnessing the 2016 ISIS attack on Brussels Airport. After undergoing psychiatric treatment and medication, he chose to end his life in May 2022.


Stating that he lives with more than 40 different personalities, Olympe first shared on Instagram, “I will resort to assisted suicide in Belgium in the last quarter of 2023. I am already in contact with doctors. This is not a topic to talk about. This is my problem. Life. Giving. It’s a difficult thing. I’ve decided. I can’t take the burden off me anymore.” He did an explanation.

YouTuber Olympe

Emphasizing that he does not want to set an example for the youth with his decision, Youtuber Olympe urged those who think black to get support first.

YouTuber Olympe

Belgian Doctor Rejected

On the other hand, doctor de Locht from Brussels, with whom Youtuber Olympe met, denied the allegations that the negotiations were progressing in an interview with Le Parisien. DeLocht said: “I’m sick of Belgium being portrayed as a ‘death ward’ for France, where assisted suicide is illegal. I haven’t seen Olympe’s medical records, but I have read her e-mails. He wants to meet me. “We don’t refuse to meet people like him, but we tell them the process can take months or even years.”

YouTuber Olympe

However, de Loch said: “This young woman has announced that she will take her own life at the end of the year. But that date is definitely not coming from me. I need a lot more information before I even consider meeting him. used expressions.

YouTuber Olympe

On the other hand, euthanasia (withdrawal or discontinuation of life-saving treatments) is legal in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Spain, but assisted suicide, i.e. giving the patient the opportunity to take his own life, is illegal in Europe. . . most European countries. Although assisted suicide is illegal in France, a council has begun to discuss the country’s approach to end-of-life care in general and the legal status of assisted suicide. The proposals will be presented to parliament in March this year.

YouTuber Olympe


On the other hand, psychiatrists have different views on assisted suicide. 48.6 percent of psychiatrists surveyed in 2019 did not support people diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness access to assisted suicide. While one-third of the experts surveyed supported assisted suicide to some extent, 20 percent remained neutral on the issue.

YouTuber Olympe

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