Artificial Intelligence Now Uses Chatbots Like ChatGPT in Search

The search engine, launched last year, has a feature that even Google does not have. A chatbot like ChatGPT is now offered to users in search.

The search engine, designed to rival Google, was launched last year without making too much noise. now has a feature that even Google doesn’t have: Users are accompanied in searches by a built-in chatbot similar to ChatGPT.

The chatbot, which can give unique answers to the questions posed to it based on the information it collects from the internet, is still in beta. Naturally, he can give incorrect answers to some questions. However, we can say that the chatbot, which also has Turkish language support, performs well in general.

It Can Dramatically Change the Internet’s chatbot lags behind ChatGPT in functionality. He can’t write code or produce articles yet, but it should be noted that he can write small texts in free style. It is unclear whether the system is based on ChatGPT.

For now, ChatGPT and remain as interesting demonstrations of how the future of AI will be shaped. Such technologies could significantly change the Internet in the long run.

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