You can see this tradition at everywhere : Tradition of Turkish tea in thin tea cups.

Although tea was discovered far away from Anatolia, it became Turkish national drink. It got ahead of coffee that has the sake for 40 years, and it became a leading role in conversations.  Tea is drunk at every hour of a day.Also it is the indispensable drink of conversations and the friend of cakes. So it has a significant place in Turkish culture. Tea takes its parts on the breakfast tables as well-steeped in the mornings, and to steep tea continues all day long.

Every region in Turkey has its own drinking tea rituels and traditions. Tea is not drunk in  neither porcelain cups nor big glass in Turkey. Tea is drunk in thin tea cups. So, why do Turkish people prefer to drink in thin tea cups ?

Why do Turkish people prefer to drink in thin tea cups ?

Thin tea cups has 90 years of history in Turkey, but nobody knows who has found thin tea cup and how this idea has emerged. Glass cups have begun to manifacture in Europe after the industrial revolution. But this big glass cups havecost much. Turkish people have discovered thin tea cups which were manifactured with cost less. Of course, the reason of emerging thin tea cups is not only about cost, at the same time thin tea cups are products of design and functionality. Thanks to its thin form, it can be hold easily at the top without burning. Also, tea can save it’s heat for more time thanks to its curved form. It is predicted that the design idea of thin tea cups, which has aesthetic feature and functional feature, comes from the tulip.

How did tea enter into Turkish culture

It is written that tea has been discovered by chinese people in the literature. Tea leafs dropped into the boiling water accidentally. Leafs gave its colours to water after a while. Then the tea has been found. Turkish people have met with tea in central asia before came to anatolia.  Turkish poet Ahmet Yesevi ,who lived in kazakhstan on 12th century, is accepted as the first Turkish person who drinks tea. Ahmet Yesevi has met with tea in a turkmen house. Then, he said that “ it relieves the fatigues and relaxing. Patients should  drink this to get better”.

The features of Turkish tea

Turkish tea is friendly

Tea never is drunk by alone. Even if it is drunk by alone, it will not be enjoyable like in the crowded place. When you drink tea, there must be someone else with you. Tea is the key of being social and being the part of society. The people, who met newly ,firstly go to drink a cup of tea.  When two old friends see the each other in a place, they drink a cup of tea to have a rest. Tea is the indispensable drink of friends’ meeting, visits, and every moment of a day.

Turkish tea is equalitarian

Everybody can drink Turkish tea at every place. It is a mere. You can drink a cup of tea without anything. It is a cheap and preparation of tea is simple. To drink tea is so enjoyable.

Turkish tea seeks peace

When you go to whicever region in Turkey, a cup of tea is offered without asking anything. It is insisted to drink a cup of tea even if you visit a home or workplace in a haste. Tea is a product of friendships, conversations, and common values. Do not refuse bright ride tea which is offered at everywhere from the coffeehouses to tea shops and from the cafes to restaurants.

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