Work Permit

Working Conditions of Foreign Film Organizations and Members of the Press

Foreign film organizations and members of press

Foreign natural and legal persons who want to conduct scientific research, examination, archaeological excavations and similar studies and shoot films in Turkey, or Turkish citizens. It is to determine the principles and procedures related to allowing real and legal persons of nationality to work and to regulate the activities of foreign press members in these matters.

These Principles, in Turkey; It covers the examination, scientific research and archaeological excavations desired to be made on land, air, sea, under the sea, in rivers and lakes, on archaeological, historical, geological, sociological and natural subjects, and audio tape, video and film shootings on these subjects. Prior permission is required for such activities and a host is also allocated to those who are allowed.

Foreign Film Organizations

Foreign journalists and radio and TV reporters are free to gather news and information, monitor events and activities, introduce and make interviews, take photographs, receive audio tapes, videos and films, on all matters other than investigations and archaeological excavations. Necessary and possible facilities are provided, including the establishment of permanent and temporary press centers to assist foreign press members in these matters. For this purpose, the principles to be applied in the work of the representatives of the press and media organs who come to Turkey and have a valid press card are regulated jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Directorate of Communications.

The provisions of the Regulation on the producers of cinema, video and music works, the foreigners who want to shoot films and the joint productions to be made with foreigners, shall apply to the applications for sound tape, video recording and documentary film shootings for promotional purposes and commercial film shooting applications. It is subject of foreign film organizations.

Members of the Press

The principles to be followed in the research and examination to be carried out in the state archives and other archives open to research are determined separately by the Presidency of the State Archives.

Applications to be made for permission shall contain the necessary information about the research, examination or film to be shot, the duration and place of work and the applicant.

Whether the applicant has a work on the research and examination to be carried out is taken into consideration during the permission.

Applications for archaeological excavations and surveys; It is made to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its own embassy in the country and to the Republic of Turkey representations abroad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs evaluates the application, takes the opinions of the relevant ministries and organizations according to the nature of the issue, and informs the relevant person about the result.

Applications other than archaeological excavations and surveys can be made directly to the unit in the area where the research, examination, shooting and similar work will be carried out or to the administration to which this unit is affiliated, in person or by mail (fax, e-mail, etc.). Applications are finalized within five days at the latest. Other relevant authorities are informed about the applications and their results.

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Marine Studies

Surface and underwater surveys to be carried out at sea may be permitted within the framework of the international agreements we have participated in on this subject and the provisions of our legislation.

Denial and Cancellation

Examinations and researches and filming that may be harmful to our National Security and National interests are not allowed. The permits of those who operate outside the work permit or whose activities are deemed harmful are revoked.

Implementation of Related Legislation Provisions

In military forbidden zones, security zones, state archives, libraries and museums, investigations and researches, archaeological research and excavations; In matters outside the scope of the applicant’s specially granted permit, the relevant legislation of that place is applied.

Research and Post-Review Process

Those who carry out research and examination with permission give a copy of the scientific report they have prepared and a copy of the work they have published to the authority for which they have obtained the permission.

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