Work Has Begun on the Production of Lavender Honey!

Studies have started in the districts and villages of Isparta for the production of lavenderhoney, which is known to protect the body against microbes, improve the defense system and is good for fatty liver. Lavender honey is expected to be offered for sale at 250 TL per kilo. Turkey’s rose garden, Isparta, also draws attention with its lavender production. More than 1.5 tons of flowers are obtained from lavender production in Kuyucak, Kuscular, Aydogmus, Cukuroren and Ardicli villages of Keciborlu district. Standing out with its contribution to rural tourism, lavender attracted the attention of honey producers as well as its visual beauty.

Kilo Price Will Be 250 TL

Honey producers, who bring their hives from different regions of Turkey closer to lavender gardens, benefit from the essence of the flower during the 30-day flowering period of lavender. The lavender honey they obtain; Honey producers, who extract honey from the hives during the harvest period of the lavender fields, send it to boutique shopping centers in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Lavenderhoney, which was sold at 150-200 TL per kilo last year, will be offered for sale at 250 TL this year due to the intense interest.

lavender honey

5 Tons Production

Engin Ozcan, who stated that he graduated from Suleyman Demirel University Faculty of Agriculture in 2018 and started beekeeping in the region with 65 hives, said, “My only goal is to produce lavender honey. I am not after other honeys. My bees. Here, the essences they carry from lavender flowers and their combs are filled with lavenderhoney for 1 month of the year. They’re filling it up,” he said. Reminding that there are over 3 thousand hives in the region, Ozcan said, “At the end of 40 days, 4-5 tons of lavenderhoney is produced in our region. My bees can produce nearly 500 kilograms of honey.”

lavender honey
lavender honey

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