Beauty to Discover in Isparta: Lavender Valley

Lavenders, which give a positive energy with their purple colors, create a visual feast as they stretch towards infinity in the fields. Of course, Isparta is the address to walk in the scent of lavender, dance with the yellow lights of the sun and get detailed information about lavender cultivation in Turkey. Kuyucak Village, known as Lavender Valley or Lavender Scented Village, hosts a large number of visitors from different parts of Turkey every year during the summer months. In this season, all the valleys, fields and hills on the Kuyucak side are always painted purple. It is possible to see couples and travelers competing to take pictures in the lavender fields. Life flows enthusiastically in the lavender valley, which fascinates people of all ages.

History of Lavender Fields

lavender valley ısparta

Since the villagers here make their living from lavender, everyone works with great devotion to grow lavender, they put a lot of effort in this field. In 1975, rose trader Zeki Konur distributed the lavenders he brought from France to Kuyucak Village and the villagers started to plant these lavenders on the empty lands in the village. Over time, they gained experience in this field and today they meet 94% of Turkey’s lavender needs. Although the ancestors of Isparta lavenders are French, they have earned the right to be the most beautiful and famous lavenders of Turkey with their efforts and efforts over the years.

Where is Lavender Used?

Lavender is mostly used to make oil. Used in cosmetics, perfumes, soaps and aromatherapy, lavender oil is almost a panacea. Apart from that, lavender tea is also good for headaches and stress with its calming effect. Lavender honey is also a food consumed in this area and has antibacterial properties. Also, lavender ice cream is one of the most delicious ice creams, don’t forget.

When to go to Kuyucak Village?

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Lavenders, which start to color in June, take their full color in July. At the end of July and August, the entire harvest is done and these purple beauties begin to be collected. If you want to spend time with lavender and take beautiful photos, it is a good idea to go to Kuyucak Village in the first weeks of July. During this period, lavender blooms well and turns purple. However, at harvest time, the village is flooded with visitors. For this reason, it would be beneficial to plan your Kuyucak holiday at the end of June-beginning of July. Because if it is left to the last minute, you may have problems with tickets and accommodation.

Transportation and Accommodation

Kuyucak Village is located in the Keciborlu district of Isparta and is approximately 40 kilometers from Isparta. You can go to Keçiborlu and then to Kuyucak by following the signs with your private vehicle. If you are coming by public transportation, you can reach here by buses departing from Isparta bus station to Kuyucak. Apart from Kuyucak Village, there are lavender fields in Kuscular, Ardıclı and Aydogmus villages. If Kuyucak is very crowded, you can also stop by these villages.

isparta lavender valley

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