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Why Do They Put Their Babies To Sleep Outside In The Freezing Cold?

Every country has its own different traditions and lifestyles. Customs practiced in some countries may surprise other people greatly. For example, the way babies are put to sleep in Denmark. According to Danish tradition, babies in strollers are left outside even in freezing temperatures. This is because babies are healthier.

The tradition of leaving babies outside for a healthier life and a more comfortable sleep has been practiced in Denmark for many years.

Danish parents leave all their children under the age of 2 in strollers outside, regardless of snow or rain. Thus, it is stated that babies who sleep outside frequently until the age of 2 will become healthier individuals in the future. In parallel, some experts state that indoor environments contain more microorganisms than outdoor environments, so spending more time outdoors is much healthier for babies.

In addition, some scientific studies reveal that babies who are accustomed to sleeping in the freezing cold of Denmark have healthier sleep patterns during infancy. It is stated that these babies sleep longer than babies who sleep indoors and the need for sleep, which is one of the most important needs in infancy, is met in a healthier way.

They are getting healthier

A Danish mother describes the conditions for her baby to sleep outside: “Making your baby sleep outside in their stroller is done in all weather conditions. Babies are dressed in fine wool and down duvets that regulate the baby’s body temperature and keep them warm. Without overheating,” said a Danish mother.

The mother said it’s also perfectly normal for parents to leave their babies sleeping outside while shopping or drinking coffee. But moms and dads are always keeping an eye on their newborns, and strollers often have baby monitors with them.

This tradition leads to the emergence of extraordinary landscapes in the country. For example, many parks in the country have sleeping areas for babies. However, almost all kindergartens in the country have sleeping areas outdoors. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for parents to leave their babies outside while shopping or dining at a restaurant. Source: List of Lists, Affirmative Side

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