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Who is Neslican Tay?

Who is Neslican Tay, whose name we have heard frequently for years? Get to know the young woman known as a cancer activist.

Neslican Tay was born in Bursa in 1998 to a mother from Rize and a Circassian father from Manisa. After completing his high school education in Rize, he learned that he had cancer 2 weeks before the university exam and took a break from his education. On August 14, 2017, he started to explain the developments about his illness on social media.

A year later, he won the Department of Psychology at Bahcesehir University. In July 2017, his leg was amputated due to a tumor in his leg. Her recognition increased after her TED talk with the slogan ‘I’m No More Than Legs’. His YouTube channel has reached more than 800,000 followers. She died on September 20, 2019 due to a malignant mesenchymal tumor. His body was buried in Rize.

Neslican Tay

“I’m More Than A Leg”

Neslican Tay is commemorated with the slogan “I am more than a leg”. He won the hearts of everyone with his sympathetic and lively energy. She was a very strong and beautiful woman. After his death, many people posted messages of condolence. Everyone was very sad about his death. There was hope for many people. It was motivating.

Neslican Tay

“Maybe I’ll Lose, But At least I’ll Lose While Fighting!”

“Maybe I’ll Lose, But At least I’ll Lose While Fighting!” the words are still in our ears! Today is the 3rd anniversary of the death of dear Neslican Tay. It still remains a source of motivation for many people. Dear Neslican! It’s good that you lived, it’s good that we got to know you. rest in peace.

Neslican Tay

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