Rize City Guide

Rize City Guide

Rize, which is one of the provinces of the Eastern Black Sea region, which has experienced a tourism boom in recent years with a population of 330 thousand Rize, has a coast to the Black Sea. Trabzon, Artvin, Bayburt, Erzurum and Rize province, our province is fully surrounded by the natural wonders of Turkey’s tea, tobacco and bears the distinction of being the capital of kiwi. In the province of Rize, a climate that is mild in summers and winters and rainy in all seasons prevails. Turkey is the region’s most rainfall. As you move away from the coast and go to the mountains in the south, the climate gets harsher.

Check out the most comprehensive Rize city guide now. You will find the answers of many questions like “Places to see in Rize” or “How to get to Rize ?” in this guide.

City Name



Population Density

Population Growth Rate

Surface Area

Number of Districts

Postal Code

Area Code

GDP (Per Capita)


Black Sea


88 / km2

-1,55 %

3.919 km2




13.966 $

Rize has 12 districts including city center. Çayeli and Ardeşen are the most developed districts of the city after city center with 85.000 population totally. There are some industrial foundations in different districts of the city.

The districts of Rize are Ardeşen, Çamlıhemşin, Çayeli, Derepazarı, Fındıklı, Güneysu, Hemşin, İkizdere, İyidere, Kalkandere and Pazar. You will find detailed information for all districts of Rize in this guide.

Short History of Rize

The first tribe living in the Rize region is Asyanik. The name of the region was mentioned for the first time in a written source BC. It has been in the 8th century. King of Pontos Farnakes BC. He invaded Rize in 180 and added it to the lands of the kingdom. Rize region later M.S. In 10, it came under the rule of the Roman Empire. After the division of Rome into two, Rize and its surroundings remained within the Byzantine lands. War of Independence of the Republic of Turkey established, Rize took the name combined with an intermediate Coruh province of Artvin. Later, on April 20, 1924, it became the province of Rize alone. With the start of tea production since 1937, the economic income of the local people has increased.

Accommodation in Rize will be important if you are not resident in this city. There are only a few hotels in different parts of the city.

If you are looking for real estate for sale in Rize or real estate for rent in Rize, you are on the right page. As of the end of July 2020 in Rize, Pazar district, the prices of houses for sale increased by 11.31% in the last year. Average for sale residential property size is 135 square meters. Considering the annual averages, the neighborhoods that gained the most value in Rize’s Pazar district as of the end of July 2020 were Kirazlık and Pazar, in order.

Do you want to get detailed information about hospitals in Rize ? In Rize, there are 8 state hospitals , 1 training and research hospital and 3 private hospitals. Almost all districts have hospitals in different regions of the city.

Road Transportation

There are regular bus services from all cities, especially metropolises such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya. For sea transportation to Rize, Rize -Trabzon, Rize-Artvin Hopa and Russia is the center of the shortest and transit route of the Black Sea with Iran connection via Rize-İkizdere-Erzurum.

Air Transportation

Trabzon Airport is the nearest airport of Rize. You can find regular flights to Trabzon from İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Antalya.

You will find the answers of the “Best places to visit in Rize” or “Top 10 things to do and see in Rize” questions in this guide. Ayder Plateau is one of Rize’s most touristic plateaus. Ayder, which is a plateau covered with spruce and beech forests in Çamlıhemşin district, fascinates those who see it at an altitude of 1350 meters. İkizdere Plateau is located in the foothills of the Kaçkar Mountains. It is a frequent destination for nature tourism. The highland, rich in oxygen, has an extraordinary view. There are wonderful glacial lakes on it. Kız Kalesi is a castle built on the nose in the west of Pazar district. It has been disconnected from the land. 13-14. It is thought to have been built between centuries. Rize Maiden’s Castle is another historical place of Rize that sheds light on the history of Rize. Rize is about 2 km from Ardesen. Fırtına Creek, which is 57 km long, is 57 km long. This Fırtına Creek, which flows into the Black Sea, excites those who see it. Therefore, it has become the center of attention of local and foreign tourists. Rafting is very fun in the clean air of this place. It is a good example of Rize’s natural beauty.

There are only one state university located in Rize named as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University.


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  1. Dear Khaled Amr,
    As a professional licensed tour guide, I regret to say that 500 USD per month, excluding the rent is not enough to lead a comfortable life in Rize. I was born and raised in Rize. I have spent most of my life , living and working in Rize.

  2. I am thinking of buying a house and retiring in Rize and perhaps obtain the Turkish citizenship.
    I believe Rize would the perfect place to retire in Turkey.
    Will I need more than 500 USD per moth to have a comfortable life excluding rent of course?

    1. Hello,

      The minimum salary for 2022 in Turkey is 4250 TL, 500 USD should be sufficient for comfortable life in Rize if we wont include rental expenses.

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