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Who is Hulya Senyurt?

Hulya Senyurt is an athlete who was born in 1973 in Ordu, Black Sea. Senyurt, who is devoted to judo, has been doing this sport for many years. Hulya Senyurt, who had received very good awards before, managed to make her name known with the bronze medal she won in 1992 in 48 kg. A detailed article for those who are curious about the life of Hulya Senyurt, who made our country proud with the bronze medal she won at the 1992 Summer Olympics and was the first female athlete to be awarded in the Olympics on behalf of Turkey

Many people recognized the name Hulya Senyurt, who has the distinction of being the first female athlete to have a championship success in judo in the world, in 1992. Senyurt, who was born in Ordu in 1973, has the title of the first Olympic athlete to win a championship success for Turkey. She was entitled to receive a bronze medal as a result of her outstanding success at the 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona.

Hulya Senyurt was saddened by the fact that another athlete could not succeed in this field after her success. Senyurt, who weighed 48 kilograms when he achieved success in the field of judo, left his judo sport in 1998 and turned to the profession of coaching. Although he achieved great success during his active sports life, which lasted for about 12 years, it was his success in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics that made his name fully heard.


Hulya Senyurt, who deserved to win a medal by competing in judo at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics at the age of 19, added to this the distinction of being the first female athlete to win the award. The fact that this success has not been repeated since 1992 suggests that Hulya Senyurt should bring a new breath to the studies in the field of judo.


Hulya Senyurt, who was born on November 10, 1973 in the city of Ordu, was passionate about judo, which she started at school age. The successful athlete, who has crowned this passion with a first in the history of sports, states that his interest in judo will not end even if he does not actively practice judo. Hulya Senyurt, who wants other female athletes like herself to be successful in the sports they participate in, serves as a trainer in the Judo Women’s National Hope National Team to make this wish come true. In addition to winning this success against England, Hulya Senyurt, who was proud of breaking new ground in Turkish sports history and made her live, has managed to write her name in the history of sports.

Hulya Senyurt, one of the first names that comes to mind when judo is mentioned in our country, owes this feature to her success in 1992. The famous judo player, who has shown an effort and success in judo that no woman could show in the Olympics before, continues his sports career as a trainer instead of actively dealing with judo. It is possible to say that judo sport is a great passion for Hulya Senyurt, who is still in this business, even if she does not do judo exactly. After Hulya Senyurt’s Olympic success in 1992, no other female athlete has been able to win a medal in judo. That’s why its success has made such a big impression.


Although we got to know Hulya Senyurt after 1992, we would like to include her previous awards. Senyurt, who came 2nd in Europe in the Finnish Championship in 1990, became the European Youth Champion in 1991. She made our country proud by winning a bronze medal in 48 kg at the Summer Olympic Games held in Barcelona in 1992. Hulya Senyurt, who won an award for her success in judo for Turkey, performed in the field of judo for 6 more years after this success and then preferred to continue her career as a trainer.

Hulya Senyurt, in her statements after her success as the first female athlete, stated that she practiced judo in secret from her family for about 6 months, and later revealed it to her family. Senyurt, who does not have even a small trace of regret for starting judo, stated that his own daughter will also support judo if she chooses to do judo in the future. Hulya Senyurt, who has a different view in the field of judo throughout her sports career, as a meaningful achievement for Turkish sports history, continues her efforts to increase the number of medals won in this field.

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