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Who is Adil Yildirim?

Adil Yildirim is a poet, relationship coach, writer and much more who helps girls get their relationships in order and helps us understand the mindset of men. Adil Yildirim is there for you when you can’t decide what message to write.

I can say that he is a wonderful person who will broaden your horizons with his thoughts and ideas. You will love him with his unique smile and his “black book”… So how was Adil Yıldırım’s life?

Born on January 6, 1982 in Istanbul, Adil Yıldırım lived in Italy for ten years after graduating from Marmara University, Department of Political Science and French Public Administration.

During his years in Italy, he completed his master’s degree in International Marketing at Politecnico di Milano, Milano Technical University and decided to develop himself in these fields due to his interest in philosophy and human relations. She participated in various seminars organized throughout Europe.

Adil Yıldırım, who completed his training as a Relationship Coach within the ICF – International Coaching Federation in Italy, continued his literary curiosity since his middle school years and his short stories were published in the weekend supplements of Corriere della Sera newspaper in Italy.

“Writing is the greatest therapy,” says Adil Yıldırım, adding that he loves writing very much. “One can lie while living, but one can never lie while writing; because the person who writes has to face his own soul,” he says, describing his life as a writer.

Although Adil Yıldırım is a Turkish writer, he is known and loved worldwide. Because for Adil Yıldırım, all women deserve to be loved, that is why he calls his readers “my daisies”. His daisies love him in the same way thanks to his sincerity and suggestions.

Because of my narration, I don’t want you to think that Adil Yıldırım’s specialty is giving tactics to women over men because that would be very misleading. He is a great resource for both women and men with his excellent knowledge of male-female relationships.

12 books you will be mesmerized reading

Adil Yıldırım has 12 books. While some of them include stories, some of them are personal development books that will show you the path you need to follow. You can be sure that you will read them all with love.

  • Farkındalık Okyanusu
  • Zamanın Sessiz Ruhu
  • Şeytan Tüyü
  • Med Cezir
  • Gecede Saklı Yalnız Aşklar
  • İntikam Aşkın Sağlamasıdır
  • Flört Etme Sanatı
  • 50 Maddede İlişkiler – Aşkı Delicesine Yaşamak
  • “Sırtlan”ı “Alfa”ya Çevirebilmek
  • 50 Maddede Evlilik
  • Mutlu İlişkiler Defteri
  • 50 Maddede Sosyal Medya Aşkları
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How can I contact Adil Yildirim?

Adil Yıldırım has many channels through which you can contact his daisies. You can follow his videos on his Youtube channel, send him an e-mail, or call him on “+90 212 705 05 04” for a consultation.

Moreover, you do not have to pay to reach Adil Yıldırım! You can visit the ADILESOR website to send your questions to Adil Yıldırım and get answers. When you enter the site, you can ask “Is there a problem in your relationship? Adil Yıldırım is with you in every problem you have in your relationship! You can send your questions either by voice or in writing.” will welcome you. After becoming a member, you can ask your question…

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The prince of Youtube and daisies

With over 1 million subscribers and over a thousand videos, I will share a video with you, thinking that you want to get to know Adil Yildirim. By watching other videos from the channel, you can regulate your relationship or learn how to flirt.

A small reminder: we have prepared a guide on raising female energy. You can click here to see our article on female energy that we have prepared for you.

WARNING: You can watch the videos by translating the subtitles into your own language.


In addition to these, you can also get other perspectives with his talks on spiritualism. Let’s share an example video;


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