Which Firms Should Switch To E-Invoice?

You may have recently encountered companies that use e-invoices or send e-invoices recently. This is because the number of users is increasing day by day with the e-invoice more to enter our lives. So what companies, how to switch to e-invoice? Do you also need to switch? If so how can you switch?

E-Ledger is a system in which the legally required journal and other large books are kept in digital environment and they are declared in finance by electronic signature. E-Archive and e-Invoice are two types of invoices within the scope of “electronic billing system”. After you switch to e-Invoice system, the invoice type you send to companies that are electronic invoice users like you is called “e-invoice”, the company not registered to the electronic invoice system and the invoice type sent to the end consumers are named “e-archive”. The company may register to the e-invoice first and then switch to the e-archive.

If you are obliged to switch to e-invoice, you must also switch to e-ledger system. But if you are voluntarily switching to the e-invoice, there is no such requirement, in which case you can continue your invoicing processes in the old way.

How do I Switch to e-Invoice?

There are certain channels for switching to e-invoice. These; GİB Portal, Integration with the GİB and the Transition through the Private Integrator. Companies applying for e-invoices must apply to the Public Certification Center to obtain a financial seal. If you are an individual company you can also apply with e-signature. However, legal entities need to make their applications with a financial seal. Once you have received your financial seal or e-signature, you are completing your application to the e-invoice by completing your GİB application (these steps may vary depending on the GIB Portal and integrators).

When should I switch to e-Invoice?

Companies that have passed the determined turnover should switch to e-invoice as of the beginning of the year. Volunteers can switch at any time during the year.

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