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Which Dreams Do We Have The Most?

Which Dreams Do We Have The Most?

Google data revealed the most common dreams worldwide. It was seen that the most wanted dreams were about snakes.

A team from UK-based Brilliant British, which researches and publishes on sleep patterns and health, collected data from searches on Google.

Dreams About Snakes Most Searched On Google

Researchers have determined which dream is the most questioned in which country.

The findings showed that the most researched dream worldwide were about snakes.

It was understood that Turkey was one of the first countries to investigate seeing snakes in dream.

Accordingly, the phrase “seeing a snake in a dream” is searched 352 thousand times a month in Brazil and 214 thousand times a month in Turkey.


Besides Turkey and Brazil, the countries most associated with snakes in dream include Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Portugal and Oman.

It was noteworthy that these dream s occurred in areas where venomous reptiles were both common and not uncommon.


For example, in the USA, it is stated that 81 thousand searches are made per month on this subject. Other dream that Americans often discover include going on vacation or encountering potentially dangerous animals such as spiders.


Also marriage in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Bahrain; Pregnancy was the most common dream in Kuwait, Lebanon and Denmark.

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