Which Countries Send Earthquake Aid Teams to Turkey?

The countries that did not spare their support after the earthquake that stifled Turkey continue to send aid teams.

Turkey experienced one of the biggest earthquakes in the history of the country.

In 10 provinces where thousands of buildings were destroyed, 14,351 people lost their lives and 63,794 people were injured.

Azerbaijan was the first country to send a search and rescue team after the declaration of the fourth level of alert, which includes international assistance for the earthquake zone.

725 personnel, 34 of whom are health workers, affiliated to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan are involved in search and rescue efforts.

The European Union Commission has also updated the information about the teams dispatched under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

23 EU Countries Send Aid Teams

EU Commission member responsible for crisis management, civil protection and humanitarian aid Janez Lenarcic also announced that the number of countries that sent teams from Europe to Turkey due to earthquakes has increased to 23 within the scope of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Lenarcic explained that these teams consisted of 1500 officers and 100 search and rescue dogs, and they also dispatched an EU Civil Protection team to coordinate the teams and aid from Europe with AFAD.

Team Sending Countries

Ukraine also sent a search and rescue team of 87 people, 18 vehicles and 10 dogs to support Turkey.

A team of 44 people came to Turkey from Taiwan to support search and rescue efforts.

Upon the instruction of the President of Kyrgyzstan, Sadir Caparov, a search and rescue team of 63 people under the Ministry of Emergencies was sent to Turkey.

Kazakhstan also sent a new 60-person search and rescue team to Turkey for support. Georgia also sent a search and rescue team of 40 people to Turkey after the earthquakes. It was stated that the team will continue its search and rescue efforts with the first team of 60 people working in Adıyaman.

A team of 53 people sent by the Albanian Ministry of Defense to assist the search and rescue operations after the earthquake in Turkey participated in the work in Malatya. It was stated that the number of Albanian search and rescue specialists working in the earthquake area reached 63.

Poland had sent a 76-person search and rescue team to Turkey after the earthquake. The Polish team has saved 10 people so far in their work in Adıyaman’s Besni district. It was stated by the Polish authorities that, in addition to the Polish miners, a 52-person medical team would go to the region.

Aid Sent by the USA Also Received

Two C-17 Globemaster III aircraft of the US Air Force carrying 159 USAR personnel, 12 military working dogs and approximately 77 tons of special equipment under the coordination of the US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), the US European Command (USEUCOM) and the US European Air Force (USAFE). He landed at the Air Base.

With the initiatives of the 728th Air Mobility Squadron stationed at Incirlik Air Base, the US Government’s Disaster Relief Response Teams, sent by the US Government to support the Turkish authorities, will soon start working in Adiyaman.

Pakistan and India

201 personnel from India are on site. 102 of them are in the search and rescue team, while 99 of them work in the medical team. Another 50-person search and rescue team is expected to be sent.

A search and rescue team of 52 people from Pakistan came to Turkey. Tent, blanket and basic needs were also included in the aid sent to Turkey by Pakistan.

The Armenian administration sent a team of 57 people to Turkey to support the search and rescue efforts after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras.

A total of 118 people, including 1 person from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 49 people from the Ministry of National Defense, 62 people from the National Fire Organization, 6 people from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), were sent from South Korea under the chairmanship of South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Development Cooperation Director Won Do Yeon. is located.

Russia Increases Team Number

It was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to increase the number of Russian teams working in search and rescue after the earthquake in Turkey. In the statement made by the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, reminding that a team of 50 people and 11 more doctors were sent from Russia to Turkey today, it was stated that the number of Russian experts sent exceeded 150.

China and Israel

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning stated at the regular press conference in Beijing that a team of 82 people, formed to support disaster efforts after the earthquakes, reached Adana in the morning.

On February 7, Israel had sent a primary team of 167 people experienced in post-disaster response, search and rescue dogs, and 16 tons of emergency aid materials that were needed in the first place.

In order to establish a field hospital in the earthquake area, Israel sent 230-person Israel Defense Forces (IDF) emergency aid team, including search and rescue specialists, medical doctors, doctors, nurses and paramedics, and 15 Israeli military cargo planes carrying hundreds of tons of supplies to Turkey. .

The team, which will take part in search and rescue efforts in areas affected by earthquakes from Belarus, departed for Turkey by plane. In his statement, Belarusian Emergency Situations Minister Vadim Sinyavskiy stated that the first group of 32 people was sent to the earthquake zone and that the location of the team will be determined by the Turkish authorities after reaching Turkey.

Tunisia, Algeria and Kuwait

Tunisian Interior Minister Tevfik Serafeddin stated that they sent 14 tons of emergency aid materials and announced that 41 search and rescue personnel and 4 specially trained dogs were included in the team that will work in Turkey.

The search and rescue team of 89 people from Algeria continues to work in Adiyaman.

The search and rescue team of 46 people sent by Kuwait continues its work in Hatay.

Mongolia also sent a 35-person search and rescue team and medical personnel to Turkey after the earthquakes.

On the other hand, Venezuela sent a search and rescue team of 50 people to Turkey and Syria upon the instruction of President Nicolas Maduro.

A group of 55 people from Japan, who previously announced that it will send an 18-person search and rescue team, will also arrive tomorrow.

A search and rescue team of 50 people and a surgeon from Tajikistan are expected to arrive in Turkey tomorrow under the leadership of Major General Sulaimon Isozod, Deputy Chairman of the Republic of Tajikistan Emergency and Civil Defense Committee. In addition, approximately 25 tons of humanitarian aid will be sent from Tajikistan to Turkey.

Hungary’s Ambassador to Ankara, Viktor Matis, stated that 7 different teams were sent to rescue those who were under the rubble during the earthquakes and said, “As of this evening, a total of 156 Hungarian experts and 28 dogs will be assigned to the earthquake zones.” said.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese also stated that his country will send an expert team to support the search and rescue efforts in Turkey.

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  1. Mogolistan evet 35 kurtarma personel ve 2 kopekle gitti. Sonra et,battaniye,mum cogu olarak gonderdi. Insallah Turkiye en az hasarla atlatir du felaketi.

  2. Montenegro (Karadag) sent 15 rescuers, is listed. Armenia sent 27 (currently in Adiyaman), not listed. It figures.

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