When Is The Solar Eclipse? (2023 Solar Eclipse Dates)

Many people are wondering when the solar eclipse will occur in 2023. Citizens who like to follow the celestial events closely question the dates of the solareclipse in 2023. The year 2023 has become definite according to the calendar of celestial events. When will the solareclipse take place this year? So when is the solr eclipse?

The solar eclipse, one of the most exciting celestial events of the year, will occur in 2023. Solar eclipses, which occur twice a year, have been announced this year. So when and what dates will the solareclipse take place?


The first solar eclpse of 2022 took place on April 30, and the second and last solareclipse took place on October 25. According to the 2023 celestial events calendar, the dates of this year’s solareclipse have been announced.

According to this; The 2023 solareclipse will take place on April 20, 2023 and October 14, 2023.

Solar Eclipse

HOW WILL THE SOLAR eclipse be?

The Moon will pass in front of the Sun, forming a partial solareclipse. The sun will appear as a crescent depending on where the observers are in the world.

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