October 25, 2022 Solar Eclipse has Started in Turkey: Here are the First Images! (LIVE BROADCAST)

Partial solar eclipse excitement is experienced in Turkey. Experts say the sun will close more in the far east of the country. The most eclipse in Istanbul took place at 13:47.

The solar eclipse started to be seen from Turkey as well. The second solar eclipse of the year, which can be seen from many parts of the world, is partially observed in Turkey. TÜBİTAK and NASA is broadcasting the solar eclipse live.

Stating that the solar eclipse started in Turkey at around 13.00 today, Astrophysicist Assoc. Dr. Topal stated that at around 14.15, maximum closure can be observed.


Astrophysicist Assoc. Dr. Topal warned that you should never look at the sun without special protection, such as sooty glass, sunglasses, X-ray film, or the naked eye during an eclipse. Underlining that special filters should be used to observe the sun during solar eclipses or other solar events, Topal said that filters are of great importance for eye health.

Astrophysicist and Popular Science Writer Assoc. Dr. Selçuk Topal stated that solar eclipses are astronomical phenomena and have been happening for billions of years.

Stating that a solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the earth and the sun and blocks the light from the sun, Dr. Topal said, “The event we will see at around 13.00 today is a partial solar eclipse. In other words, the moon will not completely cover the sun. From the west to the east of our country, it will be seen that the sun is covered more. “We will see that it starts to close and closes at the maximum level around 14.15. At around 15.30, we will see that the moon leaves in the direction of the sun,” he said.

Topal warned that the partial solar eclipse, which will be observed from all over the country, should not be watched without special filters. “If the citizens do not have the equipment to observe in the city they are in, they can participate in the activities of astronomy clubs and observatories. This way, they can witness the solar eclipse,” he said.

Underlining that the posts on social media that solar or lunar eclipses affect human life should not be believed, Topal continued his words as follows: “This is a nice event to watch. However, it has no effect on people. There will be 2 or 5 solar eclipses in a year. These are always in Turkey. “The total solar eclipse was observed in Turkey in 2006. The next total solar eclipse will be visible in 2060.”

Partial solar eclipse in other countries;

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