When is Black Friday 2022? What is Black Friday (Legendary Friday)?

November means discount. So when do the highly anticipated Black Friday 2022 discounts start? In which stores and products will the legendary Friday discounts be? Here are all the details you need to know about the biggest sale period of the year known as “Black Friday”:

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday falls on Friday, November 25 this year. Although Black Friday, which is the biggest discount period of the year, starts at 00.00 on Friday, November 25, in recent years, many brands and e-commerce sites have been offering early hot deals to consumers since the beginning of November. When this is the case, it’s black friday, “black november” 🙂

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, translated into Turkish as “black Friday”, is a name given to a shopping festival held around the world. In this shopping festival, which is also known as legendary Friday or magnificent Friday in Turkey, dozens of brands offer discounts of up to 80%. So, why is an event that is associated with something beautiful like discounts associated with black, which connotes negativity?

Black Friday history: Where does the name Black Friday come from?

Since 1932 in the United States, the start date of the Christmas shopping season is considered to be the last Friday in November. This day, which coincides with the Friday following the fourth Thursday of November, which is celebrated as Thanksgiving in the USA, has been known as Black Friday since 1961.

There are two legends explaining the meaning of this day. According to the first rumor, the discounts on Black Friday caused chaos in Philadelphia, USA. Hearing discounts of up to 80%, the public flocked to the shops and life in Philadelphia came to a standstill when thousands of tourists came to the city for the army-navy football match. Overcrowding in the city; It caused heavy vehicle traffic, a stampede, and even the looting of stores as store employees were crushed to death. When the police officers in the city used the term “Black Friday” in their radio announcements to refer to these negative events, this day began to be called Black Friday.

Another rumor is as follows: When stores in the United States record their accounting details manually, they record profits in black and losses in red. While many stores operate at a loss (red) for most of the year, the day after Thanksgiving, too much spending results in a profit (black). That’s why the stores called this day “Black Friday”.

How long do the Legendary Friday discounts last? When do the discounts end?

Normally, Black Friday deals run for 24 hours. However, due to the densities and increasing demand, discounts may continue for 3-4 days in some stores.

Which stores are on sale on Black Friday?

The start date of the discounts varies from store to store. So much so that some stores will start discounts from November 22, while others will only hold discounts on Black Friday.

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