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What to Expect If You Marry a Turkish Woman

Thinking of marrying a Turkish woman? The information in this content may be useful to you.

Many foreign nationals come to Turkey and continue their lives here. Thousands of foreign nationals obtain residence and work permits in Turkey every year. It is known that foreigners living in Turkey also marry Turkish citizens. If you are a foreigner living in Turkey and want to marry a Turkish woman, this content is for you.

General Characteristics of Turkish Women

1.Physical Properties

Turkish woman have average body characteristics in terms of race. Especially the thinness of the waist parts and the thickness of the hips and hips are quite remarkable. Chest areas are usually smaller and prone to sagging. Most are fair skinned.

The straight nose type is common in Turkish women with wavy and dark-toned hair. Non-angular facial features offer a petite look. Non-narrow foreheads and large eyes that are far apart make Turkish women attractive. Their round faces make their faces look chubby yet beautiful.

2. Character Traits

Turkish women are generally self-sacrificing and loving enough to see their spouse as their child. This sacrifice sometimes causes him to lose a lot of himself.

Making too many sacrifices causes him to be unable to keep up with life and increasingly not take care of himself. It is also known that there are many caprices arising from shyness among the characteristics of Turkish women.

Turkish Woman

Another characteristic of Turkish women that can be considered as bad is that she questions almost every situation. The fact that he wants to know every detail down to the smallest detail may cause him to be upset from time to time.

3. Unknown Features

Turkish women are quite shy. This is the most important reason why he cannot express his love verbally. However, he will be able to show this with his behavior and thoughts. Turkish women, who are extremely just, often show this justice to their children.

Turkish Woman

Her love for them, her demeanor, and even his occasional favoritism show how fair she is. However, because of this justice, it can often be seen as unfair when viewed through the eyes of their children. Another characteristic of Turkish women is their approach to sexuality. Some women see sex as a necessity to be experienced. Others see this as a normal process and live freely.

Do Foreigners Admire Turkish Women? Where Does This Admiration Come From?

Do foreigners like Turkish women? Foreigners have a special interest in Turkish women. Most women in Western countries lead a comfortable life. Being too comfortable, especially in bilateral relations, may cause men not to find what they are looking for in a relationship. However, the situation is quite different for Turkish women.

Turkish Woman

As we mentioned above, Turkish women are extremely loyal to their spouses in terms of their characteristics, and extremely jealous because of their love. Foreign men who cannot encounter such a relationship in their own country may like this situation. This is among the reasons that increased his interest in Turkish women.

Turkish Woman

Most women in European countries such as America are quite large in both height and weight. Also, almost all of them have light-colored hair, colored eyes, and light-colored skin. However, the characteristics of Turkish women are different from each other. Considering that siblings do not look like siblings, different skin color, hair color and a fitter body appearance will be enough to push foreigners to Turkish girls. According to the studies, it can be concluded that the relations between foreign men-Turkish girls and Turkish men-foreign women in our country are mostly long-term.

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    1. Most women in European countries such as America are quite large in both height and weight.

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