What to Consider Renting a House in Turkey?

The foreign persons who have residence permit in Turkey have the right to rent a house. Some points also exist in renting a house. Since Turkey is very vibrant country in terms of construction of new building, it is quite possible for you to find the type of house you wish.

However, some matters the foreign persons who want to rent a house in Turkey should know are available. Now, let us look at the cases that foreign persons should pay attention in renting a flat in Turkey.

Do not hurry up

To find a house that will meet all of your needs may not be easy, Therefore, do not hurry up in looking for a house. Firstly by making search for rental housing in internet, you can start to process. In order to personally see the houses you enjoy, you can call phone number given in advertising and make direct contact with real estate agent or landlord. Apart from internet, by walking the Street or calling the numbers found in the advertising hanged on windows of houses or visiting the estate agents present nearly at each district

However, before settling in Turkey, if you have a friend in contact with you to be informed, you can ask for help from him/her. Direction of an experienced person will help you in good stead much. In the process of renting house, assistance of a person who has a grasp of house renting methods in Turkey, knowing Turkish will also facilitate your job.

Set your standards

If you have standards in renting a flat, by searching under these standards, you do not waste your time and energy.

For instance, you may have priorities like being close to hospital or sport hall. Therefore, while looking for rental housing, do not forget to take these criteria into consideration.

Search Transportation Possibilities

Let us assume you have found a house you enjoy and economically affordable. Check vehicle parking lots on the Street and avenue where this house is located. Be sure that public transport vehicles like subway, municipality bus, minibus, etc. pass close to house.

Because despite being appropriate to your budget of rent of a house and being enjoyed from it, if its transportation is troublesome, this situation will not be handy and comfortable for you.

So attach importance to the things such as transportation, parking lot.

Definitely make Rental Agreement

Rental agreement is a written document formalizing that landlord leaves its house to use of lessee and lessee utilizes this house, paying rental. Rental agreements serve as a security measure for both parties against the problems to occur between lessee and landlord.

When you decide to rent house you look at, certainly make rental agreement with landlord. In the rental agreement to be made between foreign lessee and landlord, the following information should be included:

  • Apartment number
  • The neighbourhood in which house is located
  • The Street and avenue where house is situated
  • Type of rented property
  • Name and surname of landlord
  • T.R. identity number of landlord
  • Address of landlord
  • Name surname of lessee
  • T.R. identity number of lessee

(out of the institutions entitled to issue “Work Permit Exemption Certification Certificate” which substitutes residence permit and is utilized to deliver work permit, the foreigners who apply to Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, YÖK Presidency may get the identity number special to foreigners if their records are sent electronically to General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs)

  • Address of lessee
  • Starting date of rental agreement
  • Agreement period
  • Monthly rental
  • Annual rental
  • Payment type of rental
  • Usage objective of property
  • Condition of property
  • Fixtures to be delivered along with chartered

Be attentive to estate agent’s commission

If you rent a flat through estate agent, you have pay commission.

Regardless of agreement period, % 10+ VAT (18%) of annual rent is received only for once from lessee.

In a word, when you rent a flat, the annual rent of which is 1000 TL, you have to pay 1416 Liras in 1200 Liras +216 Liras VAT.

Of course prior to applying to estate agent, by directly agreeing with landlord too, you can hire a house. In this case, you do not pay estate agent’s commission of 1416 Liras.

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