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What Numbers Should Be Called at Emergency Cases in Turkey?

Emergency support and help numbers, is an identified phone system for emergency cases in order to provide help from only one number in a quick and efficient manner.

In our article are the most important numbers and services that all foreign nationals and Turkish citizens living in Turkey may come in of. This article was prepared for the reason of providing information and will be held up to date on a regular base.

112 New Generation Call Centers

In a lot of Turkey’s provinces if you find yourselves in need of contacting police, military police, firefighting department, ambulance, health, AFAD, wildfires department, shore and coast police you can do it by calling a single number which is 112 and you can ask for help. For provinces that is yet to be included into this system or other departments that isn’t a part of this system their numbers will be included in the lists below.

Police and Law Enforcement

  • Shore Guards: 151
  • Traffic Police: 154
  • Police Help Line: 155
  • Military Police Help Line: 156
  • Coast Guards: 158
  • Roads and Streets Help: 159

In any life or property threatening situation Police or Military Police should be called, yet for traffic and road accidents traffic Police are the ones to be called. For the emergencies on highways or roads that you may face or you may want to report Roads and Streets’ help are the ones to be called. For the safety of the sea or coast sides Coast Guards are the one to be called.

Fires, Wild Fires, Firefighters and Natural Disasters Cases

  • Firefighters: 110
  • Wildfires Department: 177
  • AFAD (for natural disasters): 122

For any fire case aside from wild fires you should immediately call the firefighting department, for wild fires you should call wild fire department. Last but not least for natural disasters like (earthquakes, floods, and storms) AFAD is the one to be called.

Electricity, Water, and Natural Gas Distribution Malfunctioning

  • Radio TV Malfunctions: 125
  • Cable TV Malfunctions: 126
  • Water Malfunctions: 185
  • Electricity Malfunctions: 186
  • Natural Gas Malfunctions: 187

You can call these numbers in case of any TV Malfunctions, Water Distribution Malfunctions, Electricity Malfunctions, and Natural Gas Malfunctions.

Health Cases

If you get a sudden health condition like heart problems, breathing problems, or any other problem or a condition that may put your life at an immediate risk you have to call the emergency and ambulance line.

  • Emergency support and Ambulance Line: 112

Covid – 19

With the beginning of the corona virus pandemic a new support hot line came into service. Anyone who came in contact with the virus, showing symptoms, or got infected with the virus can get support from this line or from the emergency support and ambulance line whether they were Turkish citizens or foreign nationals.

  • Covid – 19 Phone Line: 184
  • Emergency support and Ambulance Line: 112

Municipal and Constabulary Services (White Board)

  • Municipal and Constabulary Services Line: 153

This line is a joint line between the municipal and the constabulary. You can get support from this line on topics like environment, transportation, culture, sports, social services, registration inquiries, and complaints. Also, services for stray animals are provided from this line.

Social Help/Support

Social help line was established by the ministry of family and social security in order to help women whose husbands passed away, disabled individuals, individuals with bad financial conditions. You can call the line to get more info on the food, education, health and its monthly payments.

  • Social Help Line: 144

Domestic Violence, Harassment, and social support

  • Women, Children, and seniors social support line: 183
  • Foriegners Contact Line: 157

183 is for harassment, violence, or individuals with the need of social support. 157 is a line that was established in order to provide support for foreign nationals that are in Turkey, from this line foreigners can get support on very different topics starting from culture up until human trafficking problems in many different languages like Turkish, English, Arabic, Persian, German, and etc.

Funeral Processes

  • Funeral Processes Support Line: 188

This line is a 24/7 service line that was established for individuals who got a relative that passed away and need help in funeral and burying processes.

Important Lines in Brief…

All these lines that are mentioned above are to be called in important or emergency cases. Please don’t occupy emergency lines without a reason. State your reason of call shortly and make sure that you sent the correct location or address to the dispatcher. Try to follow the dispatchers’ advices as much as possible.

And we can summarize all of important lines in a short way like this:

  • Fire Report: 110
  • Wild Fire Report: 177
  • Emergency Call Center: 112
  • Municipal Services Line: 153
  • Police Help: 155
  • Military Police Help: 156
  • Foreigners Contact Center: 157
  • Coast Guards: 158
  • AFAD: 122
  • Water Malfunctions: 185
  • Electricity Malfunctions: 186
  • Natural Gas Malfunctions: 187
  • Funeral Processes Support Line: 188

Most of these lines is free to call especially lines related to life cases like emergency support or police/ military police, yet these lines being free doesn’t mean that the other line are free as well. For Example: Municipal services, water, natural gas, and electricity malfunctions lines are paid lines.

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