What is the Most Fashionable District of Istanbul?

Usually, when coming to Istanbul for the first time, travelers choose the European part with its architecture in the Sultanahmed district or the bustling Taksim district with bars and clubs. But today, we propose to remove the template about noisy and densely populated Istanbul, and look at the other side of it.

The first thing we suggest is to move from the European part to the Asian part, it’s quite easy to do, all you need is to take the ferry. How to do this, you can read in this article.

We were getting from Karakoy station to Kadikoy station. This trip took only 30 minutes, and during this period of time we enjoyed the view of the beautiful Istanbul.

From Kadikoy station to the Fashion quarter can be reached on foot in 15 minutes maximum, especially if you know where to go. Along the way, you will encounter bright streets with various cafes, shops that may remind you of the Karakoy district.

Approaching the park, you will begin to understand where the name “Fashion” comes from, an antique street immediately passes here, where there are so many shops that you just can’t take your eyes off. We looked into one of these stores and had a lot of fun.

In this quarter, most of all we remember not shops, cafes, as it usually happens, but the embankment with a pier. It’s like a different world, different people and a different Turkey. This is a real pattern break, where is the noise, where are the shops, where are the clubs and restaurants? Only the incredible beauty of the sea, small boats and people who are clearly happy to be in this moment. On the embankment there are a large number of shops, playgrounds for children, you will be able to spend a great time there.

We are very impressed with the fashion quarter and hope that we have inspired you to see it and feel its atmosphere.

You can read this article in Russian language: Какой он самый модный район Стамбула?

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