Interesting Facts About Istanbul Water Transport

As you know, Istanbul is surrounded by water spaces on all sides. There is the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn Bay, and the Sea of Marmara. Istanbul itself is also divided into 2 parts, so water transport is developed here, it is not just an unusual pastime on the water, but also an indispensable part of public transport in Istanbul. Besides the fact that Istanbul’s water transport connects the farthest areas, it also allows you to avoid the traffic jams that this city is so famous for. No transfers and traffic jams, what could be better for getting around Istanbul.

Types of water transport in Istanbul

1. The first and most famous is the ferry. He takes on board not only people, but also buses, cars and other vehicles. The largest ferries can carry up to 100 cars and up to 1000 people. Often, when drivers want to avoid traffic jams, they use this particular transport. Ferries run both in Istanbul and in other cities of Turkey.

2. Vapours or small boats. They walk quite slowly and are the favorite transport of all tourists. Vapours only run between the berths of Istanbul. Tourists often ride them, arrange photo shoots, feed seagulls and enjoy the beauty of Istanbul. Here you will also be offered tea, coffee and light snacks for a fee.

3. Sometimes there is pandemonium on boats and ferries. If you find it uncomfortable, you can use a local sea taxi (deniz taksi). Its price will certainly be higher, but you will avoid discomfort and will be delivered to your destination right on time.

4. Well, the last type of transport is a sea bus. In the schedule, it is indicated by the letters D.O and it is very popular among the local population. After all, with this type of transport, you will not only admire the views, but also quickly get to your destination. Boats also run between cities and are one of the safest modes of transportation.

Payment for water transport in Istanbul

The payment for water transport in Istanbul depends on where you are going and on what. If you want to go to another city, then you will need to buy a ticket at the ticket office or on the website. When paying with a card on the website , you can even save on the ticket price . If you are going to travel only in Istanbul or the nearest neighborhoods (Princes’ Islands, Anadolu Kavagi, etc.), then the city fare applies here. You can pay for an Istanbulkart, at which the price for the trip will be cheaper, or pay with a paper ticket, which you can buy at the ticket office at the pier. If you, as a true tourist, want to admire the beauty of the Bosphorus, we advise you to take a ride on the vapura, which departs from Eminenyu station and makes a circle along the Bosphorus. The cost will be 25 tl per person, and the trip time reaches 2 hours. You will get great pleasure from the trip.

The main berths of Istanbul

1. YENIKAPI (YENIKAPI). An important pier, a few stops from the center. From here you can get to Kadikey, Bostanji and Bakirköy districts. Also, from Yenikapi you can get to the cities of Izmir, Bursa, Gemlik and Yalova.

2. Eminönü (EMINÖNÜ). From the pier you can swim to Besiktas, Kadikoy and Üsküdar.

3. Halic (HALIÇ). One of the berths of the Golden Horn, within walking distance from the Galata Bridge. From here ferries sail along the Golden Horn Bay. Ferries to Üsküdar also depart from here.

4. Besiktas (Beşiktaş). The Besiktas marina was the main military port. From the berth of Besiktas, you can get by vapour to Kadiköy, Üsküdar, Kabataş.

5. Kadiköy (KADIKOY). Asian berth, which is important when traveling to Sabiha Gokcen Airport. From here there are sea buses to Eminönü, Karaköy, Besiktas.

6. Üsküdar (ÜSKÜDAR). There is an underwater tunnel from Marmaray and Vapura from Eminönü to the Asian Üsküdar from the European coast.

7. Kabatash (KABATAŞ). From Kabatash Pier, you can get to the Prince Islands and Kadiköy district.

8. Karaköy (KARAKÖY). From this pier, you can sail on a city ferry along the Golden Horn Bay, to the Kadaköy and Eminönü districts, Üsküdar.

If you come to Istanbul, do not miss the chance to use water transport. This is an unforgettable experience and a lot of positive emotions. Just before the trip, check the route schedule, as it changes quite often.

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