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What Is The Life-Saving Rail Foundation System In An Earthquake?

What is Rail Foundation System?

The Rail Foundation System, which says that buildings should be built on rails, allows buildings to move on rails independently of the earth’s crust during an earthquake.

How Are Earthquake-Resistant Houses in Japan Built?

After the disaster in Japan in 1995, old buildings were retrofitted in the country, while new buildings were built in line with the new system. The protection systems change according to the height of the buildings. In three-storey buildings, it is necessary to strengthen the walls and protect the foundation with slabs. More precautions are taken in medium-height buildings.

The earthquake-resistant rail foundation system houses used in Japan create a base insulation that allows the building to disconnect from the earth. In the installed system, rubber-made bumpers are used on the foundation of the building. These bumpers make it possible for buildings to sway horizontally instead of shaking and tilting during earthquake hazards. The demolition of the building is prevented by using hydraulic wires in the building skeleton so that the shaking in the foundation spreads throughout the building.

How Are Buildings Not Demolished in the Rail Foundation System?

The insulation used while laying the foundation and the system in the building make the houses earthquake resistant. Thanks to this system during an earthquake, buildings flex instead of breaking. In Japan, engineers place metal plates in gaps inside the walls, allowing the entire building to move at the same time. This flexibility is made to prevent the building from collapsing or breaking. Even very large buildings and skyscrapers in the country survive with this system. The system used offers a distance of up to 3 meters and a stretch margin, either right, left or front-to-back. The use of shock absorbers on the foundation of the building neutralizes the vibration when the flexibility is taken into account during the movement, while the buffer fluids used in the foundation reduce the intensity during the shaking.

Who Invented the Rail Base System?

Although it is not certain, it is known that this system was first used in Japan. Japan, where great earthquakes have been experienced one after another, started to work on this system after the 1995 disaster and strengthened its buildings immensely.


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