What is The Cost of E-Ledger?

Refers to the regulation and storage of wage and journal books on electronic environment and to be given to the related parties electronically. The Notary approvals mentioned above are not required since they do not have to be stored in paper. With eDefter, since the books are not kept in paper and are not subject to approval, companies; the cost of the notary, paper, ink and storage costs are saved, and financial management can use the utility programs to better control. This may not be important for a company that uses 100 pages per year, but 1 million pages per year means serious savings for companies that print notebooks.

The timestamped cover pages (warrant) of the books stored in the XBRL format and digital media are sent to the Finance Department (GİB) on a monthly basis.

Since e-ledger is a new application, these financial advisors or companies may not want to enter this field. In addition to the additional e-ledger additional program or module needs to be taken. Each invoice or receipt is entered separately; workload will increase because there is no bulk recording. Since the chapters will be forwarded to the Finance Ministry at the end of the third month, it is necessary to establish a more accurate, reversal and correction registration logic. Additional fields must be entered during registration for each transaction, document number, payment type etc.

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