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What is the Concept of “Individual Interview” in International Protection? How is it applied?

For foreigners who applied for international protection, the concept of “individual interview” can be defined as a private interview applied to make a healthier assessment of the future of individuals. In this meeting, foreigners are expected to make detailed explanations about the reasons for fleeing their country and refraining from returning, and this interview is held at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. The individual interview is the most important stage of the international protection application stage, and in this interview, it is investigated whether the individuals have the criteria to benefit from international protection in Turkey.

In this meeting, foreign asylum seekers are given the opportunity to explain the reasons for leaving their country of citizenship and, if they plan not to return, to explain the details and to submit documents, if any. As a rule, this interview should be held within 1 month from the first registration date. In addition, additional interviews can be conducted with the family members who come with the foreigner, if necessary. It will be fruitful for foreigners to openly explain their situation and plans during the individual interview process, both for themselves and for the competent authorities who will decide about them.

If you have questions about the individual interview applied to foreigners in Turkey, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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