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What is the Average Dues in Istanbul?

Recently, rising rents in metropolitan cities, especially in Istanbul, have begun to bend citizens’ backs. In addition to the rise in housing rental prices, another pocket-worthy detail is housing fees. In Istanbul, dues have become competitive with rental prices. The fee required for an average residence was based on 2 thousand TL…

After the exorbitant rent increases in Istanbul, serious increases began to be experienced in the prices of dues. The average subscription fee for a 100 square meter residence in Istanbul was based on two thousand TL. Thus, dues became competitive with rents.

With the increasing inflation, there is a serious increase in housing prices. As tenants suffer from residential rents, dues are also burning. The situation became such that dues prices equivalent to the rents before the peak of housing rents began to appear.


The average dues prices in the districts of Istanbul were also determined with the contribution research conducted by Eva Gayrimenkul Değerleme for the Economist Magazine. According to the research, Beşiktaş, Şişli and Sarıyer were announced as the districts with the highest dues. In these regions, the average subscription fee for a 100 square meter residence is based on two thousand TL.

The average annual fee increase rate in Istanbul is around 80 percent in the last year. Apartment and estate administrations will determine the new subscription fees in January of this year, taking into account the increase in the minimum wage and the inflation rate.


The rapid increase in dues on the estates has already begun to trouble the landlords and tenants. It remains to be seen how this situation will continue in the new year. Site dues are already competing with rental fees.

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