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What is the AI Chatbot ChatGPT Usage Price?

If you want to use the ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot without any server congestion and without delay, the paid professional plan starts to be distributed.

ChatGPT artificial intelligence chat robot, which is believed to open the door to a new revolution in the internet world, attracts great attention. So much so that the servers can no longer keep up with the intense chat demands. OpenAI found the solution in the paid version.

How Much Does ChatGPT Pro Cost?

The standard version can be a bit cumbersome for people who need to constantly interact with the ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot. Especially the delay times, the error messages given to the requests are annoying.

The professional plan implemented by OpenAI will allow you to use the robot fluently even during high-intensity times. You will also have access to the robot’s new features for the first time.

However, the professional plan comes with a high fee of $42 per month. It probably requires costly optimizations on the server side for lag-free and error-free use. Those who sign up for the pro plan waiting list will be able to see the payment option on the left side of the homepage. The company will make the Pro version widely available within the year.

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