What Is Spiritualism Where The Spirit Is Never Lost?

What is spiritualism and how did it come about? We examined spiritualism, also called otherworldly and spiritualism…

What is Spiritualism?


The term spiritualism or the afterlife derives from the Latin adjective “spiritus” meaning “soul” and is used in the sense of spiritism. It is also called spirituality in Turkish. Today, although many movements, schools and groups in religious, mystical and philosophical fields call themselves spiritualists, there are important differences between them in terms of principles, views and concepts. The main common point between them is that they accept the existence of a spiritual element called the soul. but some do not accept that the soul is original and unique, some are against the soul’s continuous development, some accept that the soul is constantly reincarnated.


Let’s Explain in Details

According to the spiritualist understanding, the soul of a person who does not lose his vitality with his physical death is immortal. Although detached from the physical world, this does not mean that the soul has lost consciousness. a conscious part of the soul can communicate with those who live after death (through certain objects). Some psychics and parapsychologists claim that they can communicate with the dead in a trance or sleep state. They believe that spirits have higher powers and abilities than the living. Thanks to this superior power, sometimes spirits or the dead believe that they are telling the past or the future. Some mediums based on this belief try to connect with spirits (or other spiritual beings) through prayer sessions or other methods.


Although many mystical currents today call themselves spiritualists, there are many fundamental differences between them. The main common point between them is their belief in the existence of the soul and the spiritual meaning they give to the concept of the soul. For example, those who lack knowledge about spiritualism may think that every current that defines itself as spiritualist believes in reincarnation. however, the meaning and beliefs of the soul attributed to the soul by almost every spiritualist movement are different. Some do not believe that the soul is original and unique, while others believe that the soul is incarnated repeatedly (reincarnation).

A Contrasting View

spiritualism is spiritualism. Someone made up a lie, it came to his own ears, but the narrator could not remember that it was his own invention, he believed what was said; Spiritualism is such an ideology. Although it is the oldest known belief, neither evidence for its existence nor a reason to believe has been found for the soul, but people insistently call it soul, soul.

Although words such as energy and electricity have now been taken, the word spirit has been replaced by the same belief. (see free-flowing energy in the universe) (see: I didn’t get electricity from you) thousands of people were invited to repeat their sessions in front of professional observers, most of them did not consent to such a thing, and those who did were easily exposed; but of course you still believe in the soul. People who think that thunder is the war of the gods because they do not know the reason, have invented something called spirit to explain the difference between themselves and mountains and stones; the thunder was easy, it was clear that they were babbling.

A typical dialogue with a spiritualist goes like this:

– Can you prove you don’t have a soul?

– Of course. If you tell me how to prove that something does not happen, I will prove it immediately. For example, start by proving that kretimiopsi does not exist.

– What is it, never heard of it?

– I’ve never heard of it either. I have not heard that the soul neither sees nor hears. That doesn’t prevent it from existing, but does it?

– You’re being silly.

– But you leave me like a ram and prefer the bullshit of those who lived five thousand years ago.

– I believe, okay? go to work.

– Alright.

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