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What is Havrita? Why do people want it shut down?

Havrita has been spoken a lot lately. It is wondered what is Havrita, which is on the agenda especially on social media. Animal lovers oppose Havrita. So what is Havrita? What does it mean? Where does the hashtag #havritakapatilsin come from?

Havrita is one of the most talked about topics on social media lately. It is wondered what is Havrita, to which animal lovers react quite a lot. Havrita is the application used for locating stray dogs. Animal lovers started a social media campaign to remove the “Havrita” (stray dog ​​map) application.


Stating that the the application targets stray dogs, animal lovers think that this application has a connection with the increasing dog deaths recently. The hashtag #havritakapatilsin, which is on the agenda on social media, also receives support from famous names. Supporters include Metin Uca, Kaan Arli, Cenk Eren, Celil Nalcakan, Yonca Evcimik, Gaye Su Akyol and Ceylan Ertem.

NEWS!!! Access Barrier to ‘Havrita’! Significant Development

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