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Access Barrier to ‘Havrita’! Significant Development

A social media campaign was launched to close the internet application ‘Havrita’, which shows the location of stray dogs on the map. Paw Protectors Animal Protection Association (PAWGUARD) lawyer Muhammed Yusuf Damnalİ demanded that access to the site and social media accounts be blocked on the grounds that expressions and images are used as an attack on personal rights from the ‘Havrita’ website and social media accounts.

Ankara 1st Criminal Court of Peace then decided to block access to the ‘Havrita’ website and social media accounts.

Animal lovers, who said that stray dogs were marked and killed in the application, launched a ‘Shut down Havrita’ campaign on social media. (#havritakapatilsin)

What is Havrita? Why do people want it shut down?

After the reactions, lawyer Devrim Kocak, spokesperson of the Havrita-Stray Dog Map, also made statements.

Kocak said, “Our friend created the site with good intentions, for the welfare of stray dogs and for people to avoid harm due to stray dogs. He decided to take a break when strange slanders emerged.

Koçak said that malicious people took a break because they thought that they could commit murderous massacre after going and marking.


Stating that a lynching campaign was started against him after his statements about the practice, Koçak stated that he would complain about those who started the lynching campaign.

Saying, “I am not the owner of Havrita,” Kocak said, “If there is a mistake in Havrita, it can be corrected. Before Havrita, dogs were poisoned in this country, even poisoned by the municipalities. The law was amended, the animals could not be protected again. The change created a new income source. ‘ he said.


Stating that he will use his legal rights, Kocak said, “The person who set up the site is very sorry about this situation, he is the person who took this job for the children and exploited animals who died in good faith. In this application, notifications are made to the municipality after the people log in. The municipality needs to come and intervene, from here. We want to create a public opinion in Turkey and change the Law No. 5199 on the basis of human rights and welfare,” he said.

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