What is Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) ?

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In order to receive undergraduate or graduate education in any university of Turkey, there exist some steps to be followed by foreign students. One of these is to take a YÖS, Foreign Student Exam.

Each year, 5 thousand university students belonging to different nationalities enter for this exam. According to results of YÖS, foreign students apply to universities in Turkey and the students who obtain enough score are entitled to enrol.

Till 2011, Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) was held on June each year by ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Centre).  Based on the resolution of the board which was taken on 21.01.2010 by ÖSYM, YÖS exam was taken out of ÖSYM scope and transferred to  universities.

The explanation made by ÖSYM for foreign student exam which is still in force is as follows;

 ‘’Foreign students who want to study associate degree and undergraduate education in Turkey shall be graduated from secondary education institution and take exams prepared within body of related universities, approved by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and after providing certificates requested with the scores taken from these exams, apply personally to universities for university education.”

How is Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) held in Turkey?

Following this decision disclosed in 2010, universities commenced to organize YÖS exam for the students they would admit. For each student who will enter for YÖS exam, universities, in their official internet addresses, announce the necessities to be carried out by the students who want to take the exam, exam application stages, date of exam and exam fee.

Results of YÖS exam which are implemented within their own bodies of universities in Turkey keep their validity for two years. Exam results are valid in the university at which exam is entered for but some exceptional cases may happen. Each period is different but departments of some universities accept the exams held by each of them and with the same YÖS score, they may apply to different university departments.

Which questions are asked in Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) ?

Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) consists of two different chapters, Basic Learning Skills Test and Turkish Test. While Basic Learning Skills Test is related to mathematics, geometry and symbolic expression, Turkish test is optionally answered.

Basic Learning Skills Test is asked in two different languages, English and Turkish.

Grade of Basic Learning Skill Test which measures abstract thinking powers of candidates is a type of grade that universities use as base for student admission. The grades that candidates take from type of this test are calculated and admissions are realized to undergraduate and graduate departments according to grade ranking.

Some universities also give place to the question in field such as physics, chemistry, history and geography within the scope of Foreign Student Exam.

Turkish Test included in Foreign Student Exams is not considered for entrances to university programs. Turkish Test replied by students admitted to university measures if students have enough Turkish knowledge. The students who could not receive envisaged grade participate in Turkish preparation program for one year before advancing to department courses. If they become successful in the exams they will enter for next year again, they have a right to pass their departments.

Application Conditions for Foreign Student Exam (YÖS)

The candidates who will apply to Foreign Student Exam should be graduated from high school or equivalent schools or one year left to graduate.

Only foreign students may apply to the exam. KKTC citizens or students,  one of dual citizenship of whom is T.R or KKTC cannot apply to YÖS.

Students to be admitted abroad are completely evaluated according to criteria detected by universities. You can find out all related application conditions for YÖS 2018 from the official internet site of the university at which you seek to take education in Turkey.

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