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What is “Family Togetherness” Condition for Turkish Citizenship?

As it’s known, Turkish citizenship is obtained by birth or later in two ways. Turkish citizenship can obtain with different ways like marriage, investment, adoption, etc. . It should be known that marrying a Turkish citizen does not directly grant Turkish citizenship to the foreigner. Being married for at least 3 years and maintaining family unity is the basic condition for acquiring Turkish citizenship. In addition, the conditions not to engage in an activity incompatible with the union of marriage and not to be in a situation that would constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order are also the criteria sought for Turkish citizenship by marriage. The concept of family unity appears as the basic condition of marriage and is the most important element for the foreigner to acquire Turkish citizenship. Accordingly, it will not be possible to acquire Turkish citizenship in fake, invalid or cheating marriages made outside of the real purpose of marriage, since family unity could not be achieved. In addition, foreigners who acquire Turkish citizenship by marriage can retain their Turkish citizenship if they have good intentions in marriage, in case it is decided to nullify the marriage.

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  1. Hi. I came in Dec. 2016 to Turkey with my 2 underage daughters and made an agreement to buy a property. Property owner was in Germany so I applied for the residency on touristic bases and got two years. In April 2017 I got my tapu. Next 4 years residency was on the basis of my tapu. Now after 5 years I want to apply for the citizenship but they say my first 2 years are not being counted. I bought property 3 months after the residency started. I have proof of my agreement of buying property. One of my daughter is going to be 18 in Dec. 2022 so I really need to get it done before that. How can I contest that as I am having property for 5 years?

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