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Purchasing Public Debt Instruments

The market of debt instruments has the target of converting the prices at which investors will invest in fixed income securities into cash at any time by determining the prices in the competitive environment of the market. There are 9 different debt instruments:

  • Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Liquidity Bills
  • Government Debt Securities
  • Income-Indexed Bonds
  • Revenue Partnership Bonds
  • Commercial Papers
  • Private Sector Bonds
  • Bank Bills
  • Asset and Mortgage Backed Securities
  • Asset and Mortgage Covered Securities

There is no circular issued by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. However, pursuant to subparagraph (d) of Article 20 of the relevant regulation, a foreign investor holding at least USD 500,000 worth of government debt instruments listed above under his/her responsibility will be entitled to Turkish citizenship application. In order for the investor to be entitled to Turkish citizenship within the framework of the regulation, they must have the relevant participation shares uninterrupted for 3 (three) years from the date the minimum investment condition is met.

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