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What is Dust Transport, Why Does It Occur?

What is Dust Transport, Why Does It Occur?

Dust transport was observed in some districts of Istanbul. While some drivers, whose vehicles had dust and stains, cleaned their vehicles with their own means, others took their vehicles to the car wash. So what is dust convection and why does it happen?

Dust storms also negatively affect air and sea transportation. In areas close to dust source areas, the closure of airports during storms is causing major problems for road transport.

Mineral Dust Particles (Desert Dusts), one of the most dominant aerosol types in the atmosphere, are of great importance for the Earth’s ecosystem. Dust from deserts, upper atmosphere
It travels long distances by layering. Relatively larger dust particles are deposited near the source areas, while smaller ones travel thousands of kilometers.
to receive delivery. The main dust source areas in the world are deserts in Africa (Saharan desert), Arabian Peninsula, Asia (Gobi and Taklamakan), South America and Australia.

Dust Transport

Particularly in the Sahara region, it is known that the dust mixed with the atmosphere from the deserts is carried over long distances and carries valuable minerals to the oceans and Amazons, and has a fertilizing effect.

On the other hand, sand and dust storms pose risks for those with chronic health problems, pregnant women, the elderly and children. Sand and dust storms can have socio-economic impacts, particularly in the transport sector (air, land and sea transport).


Located almost in the middle of the African, Middle Eastern and Asian Deserts, called the “Dusty Belt”, Turkey is under the influence of desert dust originating from Africa and the Middle East, the two most important dust sources in the world. World. Surroundings of Konya, Karaman, Niğde and Nevşehir, located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region and Central Anatolia Region, are the regions most affected by dust transport.

Dust Transport


It is also known that dust transport adversely affects human health due to increased respiratory diseases, infections and allergies as a result of increasing air pollution. Moreover
In studies conducted in Africa, it has been observed that there is a significant relationship between meningitis, especially in children, and dust storms.

Dust Transport

Therefore, predicting sand and dust storms before they occur and taking action by the authorities are of great importance to combat the negative effects of these events, especially on public health.

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