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What is Apostille and Where Can you Get it?

As a general definition, the word apostille is the name given to an approval system that determines that a document is legal and genuine and allows it to be used officially from another country. The apostille rules determined by the Lahey Convention of 6 October 1961 are valid only among the member states or parties to the Lahey Conference. All documents with Apostille approval are accepted as having legal validity in the relevant countries. If a document obtained from a foreign country is requested by the Turkish authorities, a sworn translation of the document should be made in addition to the apostille annotation. In this article, we will provide brief information about the apostille annotation.

Requirements for Apostilled Documents

The following components must be included in the documents with an apostille annotation:

  • The name of the country where the document was issued;
  • The name of the person signing the document;
  • The title of the person signing the document;
  • The name of the authority to which the seal imprinted on the document belongs
  • Place of certification;
  • Date of certification;
  • The authority issuing the apostille, the seal and stamp of the authority;
  • Apostille number;
  • Signature of the official who issued the apostille.

From Which Authorities Can Apostille Annotation Be Obtained?

Authorities authorized to issue apostille are generally divided into two in Turkey. While the governorships are authorized for administrative documents, the Judicial Justice Commission within the body of the Heavy Penal Court is authorized for documents of judicial nature. In this sense, foreigners can apply to the authorized institutions according to the quality of the documents for which they will have an apostille annotation.

If you have questions about the apostille annotation, you can send them to us in the comments section.

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