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We Will See Different Endings Of Series Are Written With ChatGPT!

We Will See Different Endings Of Series Are Written With ChatGPT!

The OpenAI co-founder noted that different endings of your favorite series can be written with ChatGPT. Details are here!

Were you one of the millions of fans who wished Game of Thrones didn’t end like this? It is possible to change the scenario with artificial intelligence. This is at least one of the use cases that OpenAI co-founder and president Greg Brockman has suggested for ChatGPT, his company’s artificial intelligence generation program. Comparing the technology to a group of “assistants” who aren’t perfect but “willing and never sleep,” Brockman said ChatGPT can help do “housework” for writing and coding, but also has the ability to add a more “interactive” environment. entertainment experience.

“Maybe people are still upset about the final season of Game of Thrones,” Brockman told a panel at SXSW on Friday, “Imagine asking your AI to make a different ending and maybe even putting yourself in there as the main character.” aforementioned.


ChatGPT Could Be The Screenwriters’ Biggest Assistant

Hollywood writers are already beginning to assess the potential impact of ChatGPT on TV and filmmaking, both good and bad. As The Hollywood Reporter reviewed in January, organizations like the Writers Guild of America West said they were “monitoring the evolution of ChatGPT and similar technologies if writers needed additional protection,” but screenwriters THR interviewed used ChatGPT as a tool to help. they used. the process of writing rather than modifying the work of the authors. They said they could see it.

During the SXSW panel, Brockman said ChatGPT would be most prepared to take over the types of jobs users “do not want human judgment in the first place,” such as content moderation.

“Every area of ​​life will be powered by this technology in some way, and I’m sure some parties, people or companies will say, ‘I don’t want that,’ and that’s okay. I think it will really be a tool that can be used when it makes sense, like the cell phone in your pocket.”

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