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Uzungöl Nature Park is very rich in vegetation and wildlife and has scenic beauty. Although the landslide is a set lake, it distinguishes itself from other examples. It reveals the best examples of the harmony of Eastern spruce and beech forests around Uzungöl. The wooden houses around the lake and the mosque, which is the symbol of Long Lake, added beauty to the unique beauty. However, in recent years, old wooden houses built in accordance with the region have increased in the settlements around the lake. If this image increases in the future, it will endanger the lake, as a matter of fact, there will not be a lake in the middle. However, observation terraces built at extreme points with a landscape integrity attract attention in terms of tourism.However, building viewing terraces at each point should be used instead of structures such as glass terraces that are very incompatible in nature, using smaller and more natural materials such as wood, instead of viewing terraces, viewing points should be determined.

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Uzungöl, which has a different beauty in winter, is as crowded as a metropolis with the warming of the weather. Uzungöl, which is located in the eastern part of the Black Sea Region, is known as a district of Çaykara district. Your time will pass in peace and quiet in Uzungöl, which is located 99 kilometers from Trabzon and 71 kilometers from Rize. When you come to Uzungöl, you can watch the view on the shore of the lake and take a nature walk among the rainforests. It is known that Uzungöl, which attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists from all over the world, has an altitude of 1100 meters. Uzungöl, which is the favorite route that every tourist who goes on a Black Sea tour, has a population of close to 2000 people. Uzungöl stands out as a town where tourism is prioritized thanks to its unique natural beauties, lush rainforests and oxygen reservoir nature. In addition to tourism, trout production facilities, beekeeping, organic farming and animal husbandry find a place in this highland town. When you come to Uzungöl, you can stay in wooden bungalow houses lined up around the lake. If you do not want to stay in tree houses, you can choose nearby pensions and hotels.

How to go to Uzungöl Nature Park

Although transportation to Uzungöl is difficult during the winter months due to the harsh weather conditions, you can see that the masses flock here with the spring months when the weather gets warmer. It is possible to reach Uzungöl, which is 99 kilometers away from Trabzon, via Trabzon. There are bus services from Trabzon to Uzungöl at any time of the year.

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