Uskudar district – what to see?

If you want to see Istanbul from different sides, then we advise you not to spend your time only in the European part, but also to see the Asian part of Istanbul. Today we will spend a day with you in an area called Uskudar. It is easy to be there, the ferry to Uskudar runs very often and you can get to it from the European part in 20-30 minutes from the marina of Eminonu, Besiktas or Karakoy.

Uskudar is a region of religious conservatism. There are mosques at every turn, there are many different Muslim places, even the clothes worn by the locals characterize this area very much. However, you can feel much calmer here than in most areas of Istanbul. Arriving at Uskudar by ferry, you immediately get to a large square, around which there are a lot of mosques, as well as many cafes. We decided to take a walk without a specific route and just wandered through the streets. Everything is very quiet around, people are calm, after a noisy Taksim, it’s like you get to another Istanbul. And this is because locals mostly live here. As our friends say, the European part is for work, and the Asian part is for life. And it’s true.

One of the most famous mosques of Uskudar – Mihrimah Sultan is located right next to the pier. It was built in 1547-1548 and stands on a hill.

In addition to mosques, the Uskudar district is known for its street markets, everywhere you are surrounded by stalls with fresh fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, a large amount of meat and cheeses. There are also places where you can buy interesting antiques, old furniture, clothes and jewelry. From the embankment there is a very beautiful view of the European part, you can watch the rhythm of life over a cup of Turkish coffee, from there you can also see the Topkapi Palace.

If you want to spend time with entertainment, restaurants and bars, then we cannot recommend the Uskudar district, but the architecture is definitely worth a visit.

You can read this article in Russian language: Район Ускюдар – что посмотреть?

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